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  1. Still a few spots available. League is incredibly well made. Check it out if you haven’t already guys.
  2. $20 buy in - 10 team ESPN H2H categories keeper auction league. 1st year of the league, so no one will have an advantage over you. Not everything you wanted, but if that’s close enough for you, I have posted the link to the league and to leaguesafe below.
  3. Got one tomorrow. $20 leaguesafe.
  4. Starting a standard espn keeper league. Draft is Sunday 3/24 7pm EST. Everyone will be able to start on equal footing. Buy in is $20 to ensure competitiveness. I have provided link to league and to leaguesafe below. Also: Open to changing some settings to accommodate our owners if need be. If you have any questions feel free to email Otherwise join up, pay, and let’s have fun for years to come.
  5. Mr. G, I'm sorry to hear about your league. If you do join us, feel free to bring any of your friends with you from that league and we will accommodate as many as we can. Rog: appreciate the bump bro. Also; to anyone who joins: Feel free to make suggestions on our settings. There are some things that are non-negotiable, but we are open to making adjustments to better suit our members where we can. We are trying to build a league with a very high manager retention rate so that we don't have to replace a bunch of people each year. The only things that are non-negotiable to my knowledge are: 1. Auction style draft (because of how we like to do our keepers), 2. We can't draft any later than 7pm EST on Sunday night to to Rog's prior commitment. Other than that any suggestion will at least be entertained.
  6. Mr. G, thank you for the heads up. The commissioner will be fixing that keepers setting tonight. 5 spots left to fill.
  7. Forgot to mention $20 league safe buy in for my post above.
  8. Yeah man, coming together slowly but surely.
  9. Check us out. It’s espn, but still keepers.
  10. Send the invite. I probably have another guy for you as well.
  11. Shoot me an email dcoop and I’ll check it out. Could potentially have 1 more guy for you as well. I’ll let you know for sure after I look it over.
  12. Check out this league and league safe below. $20 ESPN standard H2H auction keeper start up.