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  1. Good luck. Had to pay a ton a few weeks ago and sounds like others are paying a high price as well. He's pretty much morphed into your generic low average speedster.
  2. Gonna be tempting to rage drop Alvarado if he blows what feels like his first save op in a decade.
  3. Yeah, I paid a ton for him a month ago. He was also traded away in another one of my leagues. So people are willing to trade him, but it's still a high asking price. Curious, what did you give up?
  4. Sad at the waste of draft capital. Guy is in such a good situation too. Normally avoid injury prone guys but this felt irresistible and has pretty much been a worst case scenario.
  5. DLed. This is gonna be a tough call whether to hold or not if you don't have available DL space.
  6. Just peaced out on him in several leagues. Putrid average and not stealing and diminished power. He could easily pick up the pace and I'm not thrilled with dropping but in this juiced year there are just too many options out there hitting the crap out of the ball and hot callups all seem to be happening at the same time.
  7. Yeah, he's absolutely raping batting average. Just checked my team logs and he's in the .190s on a couple of my teams, didn't realize it was that low. He'll likely still hit 20 homers but it's worthless if it kills average. Also juiced ball has so many flukes out there hitting over .300, makes holding guys killing average just not worth it unless it's a deeper league.
  8. Hitting around .200 in 100+ at bats for a bunch of my teams since his smoking hot first week or so.
  9. It's a double header tomorrow (Saturday). Turnbull is starting one of the games.
  10. I want to play in the potato leagues some of you play in where you can trade Votto for anything worthwhile. Guy is done and a waste of a roster spot.
  11. Seems like Alvarado is now third in the pecking order. Will still probably get a couple saves a month but not unreasonable to consider moving on in shallow leagues. So disgusting because he'd be a top 5 closer in his situation if they simply left him alone as "the guy."
  12. Owned this turd in a keeper league from day one up until last year. Swore I'd never own him again because he's the most infuriating player ever. But somehow got sucked back in by that dip**** Paul Sporer. Very convincing case with him going to better ballpark, playing every day, middle of what seemed like a juicy lineup. Just did not want to miss out after owning him for so many years. NOPE. Same infuriating POS who will binge for a few weeks at the end of the year and stat pad.
  13. Every effing pitcher I add gets blown up. Seriously ridiculous. Streaming has become 5x harder than it used to be.