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  1. So effing stupid when they do that, BRB risking injury and losing the ball to gain, what, 3 yards.
  2. Yeah, this is beyond ridiculous. I mean it's bad every year but this year for some reason just feels like it's way worse, injuries to key players all over the place, resting guys, teams shutting guys down. I'm trying to find replacements to replacements. Totally out of moves or near the limit in H2H and roto trying to piece together the final innings is like torture.
  3. What the hell changed with this guy from last year? Everything on paper looked so good coming into this season. Tell myself not to reach for QB every year and wind up doing it anyway (although it has worked with Mahomes).
  4. Probably better off without Cam but it's not like that's a high powered offense to begin with.
  5. Homer Bailey has not looked like a major leaguer the past 6 years. Yet somehow in 8 of his past 9 starts he's been excellent. Wonder what Oakland tweaked.
  6. Are you implying 4.35 is bad? Kerryon ran 4.54 at his pro day. Guess he sucks. LOL
  7. He wasn't invited to the combine. "However, at Maryland's football pro day, scouts from 29 NFL teams, plus scouts from two Arena Football League teams and one Canadian Football League team were present to observe the workouts of 15 Maryland players, including Johnson. Johnson impressed scouts by running a 40-yard dash time clocked by most scouts as anywhere between 4.3 and 4.4 seconds, with one scout reportedly timing Johnson as fast as 4.26 seconds."
  8. One win since July 6. Just very depressing.
  9. It's a reel from the first half of 2018. Haters seem to be judging him based on a poorly made youtube vid. Just look at his yardage per carry throughout college: 7.1 as a freshman, 9.1 as soph, 6.6 as junior and 7.7 as senior. Those numbers are on a crappy team albeit behind a good line. Ran 4.20s 40 and 27 bench reps at Maryland pro day. He's got some flaws (Sternes mentions his issues above thread) but there is a ton to be positive about.
  10. He's a freak. At Maryland's pro day ran mid 4.20s 40 and put up 27 bench reps. Both would've been the best of the rookie class if I'm not mistaken. Should continue getting chances, could easily see him cucking Kerryon.
  11. BRB flushing tens of millions of dollars down the toilet. Kela has nice stats and is available in most leagues, nice shot in the arm for the home stretch.
  12. HEADS UP he's not in the lineup. Very disappointing if you've wasted a roster spot on this guy the past few days.
  13. Honestly feels like ESPN deliberately wanted to drive away fantasy baseball traffic. Might just be me but I've had 4-5 second load times there all year. It's like the 1990s all over again. If you have multiple teams and make a ton of moves it's like death by a thousand paper cuts. It's truly ridiculous. Have also made moves that somehow didn't save. Happened this past week and could have easily been the difference between advancing or not. Anyway, one of my leagues switched from ESPN to Fantrax and it's a massive upgrade. Fantrax is jarring at first but if you can quickly adjust it's actually a competitive advantage as some owners will take longer or just outright lose interest. Their website is basically their app and I haven't had a problem with it. But really, Yahoo is still the gold standard. It's always just been the fastest loading/most streamlined/easiest on the eyes/etc.
  14. Effing disgusting but at least we can clear the roster spot. Wasted a damn week with him stuck in my lineup.