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  1. I'm hilariously in this same position... lol Following for advice, wish I could be more help *bumping for solidarity*
  2. I'm hesitant doing any trade that involves losing Merri, he provides so many numbers across the board. Personally I'd keep him but only cause he fits so well without my own roster - he's a pretty vital piece. If you're getting numbers elsewhere, specficallty SB then maybe it's worth your while... Ozuna could be a big pay off.
  3. I'm liking Dozier, Reyes and even Pinder. Who to drop? I wouldn't know where to begin.
  4. Dozier is red hot right now, I'd take him for immediate gain and ride it out for as long as possible.... I think he's hitting some batter friendly parks in the near future, might be a worth while investment. Devers is solid though, so if Dozier fizzles away quickly you might get the short stick.... I agree with the above poster.
  5. I noticed that matchup too - My Lyles / Shoemaker spots I've been streaming, but keeping shoemaker until he gets cold.... I think they're going to keep him in rotation for the time being? At least that's what I read.
  6. Very true, shouldn't rule those guys out. Again, little biased cause I'm weighted so heavily Seg/Kim.
  7. Honestly, that's a tough call - With that coverage I would consider the trade but the many questions swirling around Kimbrel would make me hesitant.
  8. This is tough, I hold Segura and Kimbrel currently..... It might be worth the gamble considering that Kimbrel is lowering his asking price, so we might see him sooner than later.... but Segura will provide consistent high numbers throughout the regular season while Kimbrel COULD take some time to warm up. How confident are you in the infield coverage?
  9. Should we buy into the Touki madness hype? He's currently on waiver and I'd be lying if I told you I haven't been eyeing him. The only guys I would consider putting on the block: Lyles, Woodruff, Shoemaker and Hendricks (I know, I shouldn't but already dealing with a wobbly Carrasco). What would you guys do? (100% WHIR)
  10. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! I do really like my OF, but it's just outfield heavy and I'm sitting on Senzel on top of all that, infield is limping somedays. Also, Choo hit a home run today.... there's hope? lol
  11. Holding out would be my advice as well. Polanco is tested and true in my book, but Galvis could be interesting once settled.
  12. Miles, Caleb, Richards... touki is interesting, with one outing it's hard to place... he could jump 1-4... I'd keep a close eye.