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  1. Did u guys get anything set up? Me and my buddy have been looking for something exactly like a h2h pts around $20 league. Lmk!
  2. Message me or reply here, this is the third year of this league and we got rid of any inactives. All of us are nice and competitive guys so join up quick! Snake draft - could be tmr depending on league decision.
  3. We would be extremely interested in joining. We’ve been looking for a h2h pts lg like this with a semi cheap entry fee so this looks great. I just have one question though, is the 10 keepers already decided per team from last year or are you guys just starting the league this year and the keepers will be for next year? Cause we’d rather not have keepers given to us from a previous year. Thanks man!
  4. Aw man it sounds great im just really not a fan of h2h cats. I appreciate the offer though man
  5. How many spots do u have available? Trying to join with a friend i’ve played with for a while