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  1. Now currently "Full" Waiting for invitations to be accepted. Will update here if slots open back up. Thank you.
  2. Our league has been running for several years now, but over the last 2 years 4-5 players have lost interest and stopped participating, resulting in lopsided leagues. This year we want to take care of that problem with new blood. We have 4 slots open at the moment, but 3 are currently "spoken for" though those people, for whatever reason, have not accepted the invite yet, putting them somewhat in question for the moment. So while looking for one, we could potentially need up to 4 because people are weird and can't ever make this easy. Our draft is set for Sunday the 29th @ 7PM EST As mentioned in the title, we have custom scoring, and we also have custom positions, because I found the ESPN default to be so generic as to be not even remotely like rostering a real team. So we have the true lineup, 4 centers, 4 left and 4 right wings, 6 defensemen, and 1 goalie. Max for slots are 7C, 6LW, 6RW, 8D and 2G. (the extra C because so many wingers get defaulted as centers for some reason) When we started the league, we found default scoring to be something of a mystery. It didn't feel like it truly represented rewarding players' contributions to the game, just scoring and taking penalties, so we made faceoffs matter and penalties are no longer a good thing to get, because seriously, wtf was that ever about? Rewarded for putting your team down a guy? Just don't get that. Skaters 0.1 for faceoff win -0.1 for faceoff loss -0.1 per penalty minute 1 for a goal 1 for an assist extra 0.5 for PP assist extra 1 for PP goal extra 1 for SH assist extra 1.5 for SH goal 0.1 for hits 0.1 for blocked shots 0.1 for shots on goal Goalies 0.2 per save -1 per goal against 1 for a win 2 for a shutout 0.5 for OT loss https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league/join?leagueId=38147&inviteId=eccb6578-87d2-4cfc-957c-21c8855713a4
  3. and nevermind, we got the last slot filled! thank you everyone
  4. Still at 9/10 1hr before draft time, so it scrapped the draft. I've reset it to Monday at 7:45pm EST If we fail to get another member by then, we might just have to cancel, as Tues. can't work and the season starts Thurs. (except for those 2 japan games, I know :P)
  5. Now at 9 of 10 slots filled with a draft time set for 7pm EST
  6. Bump Had another join, but sadly one also left. 8/10 Draft now set for 7pm Likely the last pushback possible for the day, if we don't get 2 more in the next ~2 hours we'll probably have to push back to Monday night.
  7. I just made this thread today, we're trying to draft in a little while, but with you we would still need 1 more to fill the league. Join link is in that thread if you're interested
  8. 8/10 filled Draft is still set at 5pm right now thank you to those that have joined!
  9. I can't speak for everyone, but since 6 of us know one another in various ways and wanted in, I would feel safe betting on at least 6 of us would like to turn it to a keeper, it's just hard to say what the other 4 would end up doing. The draft time is likely to be bumped back due to the league not being full anyway, but I couldn't guarantee that everyone else would be able to do one as late as 10pm. Maybe, but I really don't know. I know one guy works really early in the morning so he goes to bed pretty early. It's been hard to get everyone on the same page cause they tend to be busier people than I am, and I only know a couple directly, the rest are friends of friends or my brother's friends, etc. We may be able to all do it tomorrow night or maybe Wednesday night. (I know at least 3 of us have obligations Tues. til late) I'd have to ask around.
  10. Draft pushed to 5pm, so hoping to fill up by 4pm EST 3 spots. I'd really like to convert to a keeper league if enough people want to by year's end, as well.
  11. Bump, still looking for 3 more Even if you have a league, why not join a second? Or maybe 3rd?
  12. My brother and I started a league with some of our friends, but neither of us knew whether "make viewable to the public" meant joinable by the public, and after creating the league we found out it did not mean that at all. So we have 6 of 10 slots in a league filled out and we were hoping to get some more players to fill the league out. Scoring, roster and transactions are completely standard, draft is Snake and set to randomize order 1hr before draft time. Hoping to draft this afternoon/evening. (set for 3pm but at this stage, I expect we wont fill up in time unless this forum is very active) I know I should've done this earlier, but getting everyone on the same page took longer than I expected. Currently 6/10 full Free league also. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=24383378&inviteId=8d1251c6-ac54-4600-8326-ad1c7a63c6b6