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  1. He got through my semi final thanks to steals, and HRs are now making a difference for finals week, love this guy!
  2. What do people think about starting happ today? Need a w but don’t want my era to suffer!
  3. Wtf, the twins postponed game could knock we out the playoffs, polancos and Kepler were both producing!
  4. Anyone know the latest? Can’t find any news on comeback/seriousness of the injury? Thanks
  5. Urg, annoying about Allen, do you drop or keep and hope he gets it back?
  6. Will yahoo and other sites add 3B to his eligibility now?
  7. I’m curious what your reasons are? I’m currently planning on picking up Jeffress as soon as I can DL a currently injured player on Thursday, should I be targeting Guerra instead?
  8. Who is everyone’s guess for the next ‘sleeper’ closer? Someone unexpected or maybe someone who takes the job as the season unfolds? Ps. Thanks for the Holland heads up, just picked him up, hope he performs!