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  1. 12 team work league. 7/12 teams have 2 TEs, 8/12 have 2 QBs (one has 3) and 7/12 have two d/st. I ignored all 3 positions until the end of the draft and now I’m stuck with Rivers and Uncle Rico at QB and Eifert at TE. Offered the Kelce/Hooper (starts Mike Williams and Robby Anderson at wr) and Ertz/Waller (starts cooks and MVS) owners Allen Robinson for Hooper/Waller, one countered for Tyreek 1 for 1 and the other for Julio 1 for 1. So frustrating
  2. Against Kansas City? Starting with confidence
  3. I’d rather have diggs over juju. Diggs has less defensive attention on him I don’t think juju can handle being schemed against.
  4. I’d do it. A top 6 pick in a loaded draft class plus a young good te for the easiest position to replace in fantasy.
  5. I would do the deal in the op and reject the Chubb deal. Please don’t offer Godwin for OBJ straight up
  6. I’d rather try to sell a McLaurin package for someone like Mixon, Connor, Aaron Jones than Gallman if possible
  7. I’d do it. Bell = DJ, Lockett > Woods, and Kittle upgrades your TE for basically a bench piece.
  8. Lockett or Juju + Boyd or round 2-4 pick should get it done.
  9. Two teams this year, 3rd in a 20 team h2h and 2nd in a 10 team h2h. Last year was my first year playing and finished 2nd in a 10 team h2h. Hopefully next year I finally get that first place finish.
  10. We start 10 hitters I dropped my whole bench to pick up pitching and have no adds for the year left. Have only had 4/10 hitters play this week lol. Been a complete disaster
  11. bring Minor back out for the 7th so he can lose his quality start. Morons
  12. Go Sonny, Thor, Cole, Nola, Kay, and Angels A’s Royals offenses
  13. Eflin throws 2 complete game shutout gems against me and is awesome for the last month. Of course he sucks tonight when I play him in the championship. Also needed him to not suck to help out the Mets. Bum.
  14. Won the semis in the 10 team lost the semis in the 20 team. 20 team pays out 3rd so still have to play that one. BOL everyone playing this week