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  1. Figures I finally get good matchups with Thor and Buehler and they both decide to suck
  2. and he gets out of it, standing anderson at 3rd. only 3 runs given up
  3. I lost patience and dropped him in my 10 team. There’s just too many other options worth taking fliers on. Rather have the shiny new prospect (hiura Riley etc) than this guy on my bench at this point
  4. Go Strasburg (but Mets win) Nola and Martin
  5. Rosario with the walk off infield single! Cano was on deck and thankfully he didn’t get up. He would’ve just walked back to the dugout if he hit a grounder
  6. Bassitt 3 2/3 lmao are you kidding me
  7. Sent - Pete Alonso, AustinMeadows, Zach Wheeler Get - JD Martinez and Wade Davis 10 team h2h redraft 8x8
  8. Against the nationals 3 starts 15 2/3 IP 0 QS 17 R (all earned), 10 walks 21 hits 1.98 whip 9.77 era 15 k Against ATL, PHI 2x, MIA, CIN, MIL 6 starts 40 IP 5 QS 13 R (all earned) 11 walks 38 hits 1.23 whip 2.93 era 49 k i think I’m sitting tonight and against Washington in the future until I see some improvement
  9. Montas saving my ratios this week
  10. It’s the Mets so we’re probably having this conversation too late
  11. Thanks wheeler for ruining my whole day.
  12. I’d take it. Cole has a legit shot at being the number 1 fantasy pitcher this year. Puig is always a disappointment, Lowe has ridiculously high k rate and swing and miss rate he’s due for a huge regression, and Davis vs Cruz is close enough to not bother me.
  13. I’m not selling now. The offers I’ve been getting aren’t close to what he’s producing so I’m just gonna ride the wave and hope this is a breakout that lasts all year
  14. They’ve played 3 since he got called back up. He pitched a low leverage situation on Sunday and there weren’t any in yesterday’s double header so he didn’t pitch. Kahnle Ottavino Britton and Chapman are all pitching well so there’s no pressure on the Yanks to throw him into the fire right away.