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  1. Hey everyone. Need 2 managers for h2h auction league. Draft would be tonight at 8:30 Pm ET. Each team can keep 5 players. 2 teams are open with rosters from last year. You can choose to keep 5 or none. Buy in is 50 dollars. League link:
  2. League Link if you want to look more into it.
  3. This is link. Justin Swell Team and Judge and Drury need owners.
  4. I have a h2h auction league with 2 openings. It is a keeper league and 50 buy in. My email is Send me a message if you are interested and I can invite you for one of the teams.
  5. I also forgot to mention buy in. League will be 50 dollars. Right now paying out overall 1st place at end of year (100) then 1st and 2nd after playoffs.
  6. Email me at or reply here with contact and I’ll get you in.
  7. 6x6 Auction League with QS and OPS as additional categories. 5 Keepers total. Will be based on last years salary + $3 I have 2 teams open. Draft is this Wednesday (27th) at 8:30pm ET. 2 teams are strong.