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  1. I woulda already accepted it. Once hill comes back you'll be stout.
  2. Having a hard time placing the value on these guys. Someone offered me tyreek hill and Sony Michelle for fournette. Should I bite or hold out? Thanks you all in advance.
  3. Jeeze a real conspiracy theorist huh. Ya think that we havent been to the moon either?
  4. Eli is so good he just got benched Hold this L
  5. Josh allen was the qb1 from weeks 12 thru 17 last year. Lamar jackson was the qb6. Josh allen never passed for over 231 yards and had a completion percentage over 60% once. However he ran for a gazillion yards and had 5 rushing TDs to go with only 8 passing tds. Michael vick was the qb2 overall in 2006 when he had 1000 yards rushing and only 2 rushing tds. He also only passed for 2500 yards and 20 tds. Rushing for qbs is like cheating. If passing TDs are still only 4pts per TD then it only magnifies their rushing skills in fantasy. Since 2000 we've had 8 qbs rush for 700 yards or more. 7 of those 8 qbs have finished as a top 5 qb that year. I think we all expect lamar to blow by 700 rushing yards. His passing doesnt need to be great. Josh allen was the qb1 for a 6 week span and he averaged 207 passing yards per game. That's just over 3200 passing yards on the season.
  6. Last year ware was doing pretty good for about 3 quarters then got hurt. He had 75 yards on 15 Carries and 50 yards on 5 catches against the baltimore ravens (who was a top 3 defense) then went down with an injury.
  7. That was because they changed offenses on the fly and had to revert back to some 1950s NFL stuff. They're supposedly running an entirely new offense.. one the "NFL has never seen before" according to Harbaugh. Harbaugh has also said jackson will run the ball over 147 times (the qb season rushing attempts record) but jackson has said he doesn't think he will. Either way I doubt jackson is going to run 17 times a game again. But who knows. Ingram: 200 carries Jackson: 150 Edward's:125 Hill and others: 75 550 total. Last year they had 547.
  8. Buzzfeed has fooled alot of ppl with russian collusion news. Maybe this will too
  9. Yea be got a lot of touches and didnt do much with any of em. Jaylen Samuel's is probably the most valuable cuff imo.
  10. Oh god. This circle is starting over again and I get drawn into every time. 1) hes awesome look at last year 2) small sample size 3) he did it for 6 weeks and was awesome 4) he was a bum for 4 years and 10 weeks 5) his points per touch are awesome 6) no they aren't (this one is me) 7) yes they are you idiot 8. no they arnt here is why (provides perfect flawless reasoning) 9) your a liar 10) admin gets mad tells us to play nice 11) start back at #1 Atleast We're gonna hit 100 pages soon
  11. Yea he could... but he probably wont. Barry Sanders only did it twice and he rushed for 2000 yards once. I have a hard time drafting Kamara 1st overall. He's very TD dependent. It's hard to trust any prediction with 15+ tds becuase not many backs consistently get 15+ tds. I can only think of one guy who consistently got those kinda TD numbers every year and its Ladanian Tomlinson. But maybe Kamara is the next guy to do it.
  12. Your right but rookies dont carry 4 years of mediocrity as baggage. It's hard for some ppl to overlook. I think William's is gonna be fine. Just like any other RB who has pat mahomes tyreke hill and andy reid.
  13. Lamar jackson is probably gonna steal so many redzone TDs too. He led his college teams in rushing TDs (50 tds in 3 years) by a wide margin and something like 85% of those tds came inside the redzone. He had more rushing yards and TDs in college than saquon barkely. I'm not saying hes gonna outproduce saquon now but he looks to score with his legs he should have a very high floor. Tebow isnt as good as either of these two at running (or passing). In 7 games Lamar passed tebows career high rushing season and allen fell 30 yards short of it in 11 games and had 40 less Carries
  14. I think they signed davis in case they couldnt get their guy in the draft not becuase they didnt want to draft an rb. It's one of the flaws alot of coaches hate about the off season. They would prefer the draft before free agency so they know what holes they still have after the draft and can fill by overpaying a free agent. Now if you dont get a free agent and your guy in the draft is taken right infront of you your s--- out of luck. The bears gm did this same thing with qbs. He signed glennon to a 3 year deal with most of the money on the 1st year (so its essentially a 1 year contract if he wants to cut him) and then drafts trubisky. Cuts glennon after the 1st season. Who knows how it will workout at RB tho