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  1. Even when they abandoned the run connor was still peppered with targets. He was a top 5 guy until he got hurt. I would of thought his stock would be a little higher than it is. Connor had 55 catches, 973 rushing yards, 13TDs and missed 3 and half games. Could have easily had 70 catches, 1200 rushing yards and 16tds.
  2. Lol you sound like a wwe commentator. Your right tho zeke needs to be in trouble. Maybe a few game suspension. But I dont think we should all act like he committed an atrocity. We've all done stuff equally as stupid... like drafting Mariota and winston as your qbs on their rookie year 😉 Just to remind everyone that zeke isnt the worlds biggest a$$hole he did just pay for the entire funeral costs of an 8th grade boy who was shot in St. Louis... but he is an idiot of epic proportions.
  3. Not so sure anyone in buffalo remembers how to catch.
  4. That's the way I always understood the situation. And he "lost" his clothes that he was wearing that had too much DNA "blood" on it to be just a bystander. But once again I'm an idiot and could be wrong. Love Baltimore tho. I was there for 2 weeks and I saw a stabbing and some guy broke 3 car windows and a chick filet manager choke slam some hood rat right in the store... good times.
  5. That's the nfl rumors. It was a group fight between Ray and his posse vs a couple others. There were contradictory stories on Ray's involvement and couldn't prove he was directly involved (only that he was there) but ray did destroy evidence that would connect him to the murders and rat out his buddies who were involved. Atleast that's how I was to understand it maybe I'm 100% wrong If so sorry for being an idiot lol
  6. Lol for real. Remember when ray lewis killed a guy. Or when steve smith broke 2 of his own teamamtes noses. Now everyone's ready to condemn a guy for a bump. Stuffs crazy now.
  7. I just watched the video and honestly it wasnt that bad. I know its technically assault or battery or something and he can get in trouble witht the law and the NFL. Also zeke is a fool and adumb a$$ who should know better but It just wasnt that big a deal. I got picked on worse in middle school. I think the cops were smart not to arrest him for something so silly and I think the security guard is a good guy for not trying to fake an injury and sue. More incidents should be handled this way. Zeke should thank that cop and that security guard every day. But if you think I'm wrong feel free to berate me and tell me how I'm an idiot lol.
  8. Last year the qb with the 15th most completions was Dak with 354 (Carson palmer had a very similar completion count). Carson had a much better run game, winston may still need to throw 40 times a game which should lead to more completions. Even if 2 wrs got 100 receptions (unlikely) theres still 154 more completions to go around. Tightend doesnt need a whole lot to be impactful. Jared cook had 68 last year as the TE5 with only 6tds. I think OJ could easily put up jared cook numbers but probably not george kittle numbers.
  9. Exactly. If ya really dont trust fournette to hold up just trade him after week 2 when hes had 40 to 50 touches and looks like a workhorse. Theres always someone who starts off the season 0-2 and starts to make bad panicking decisions. Just grab his handcuff incase he goes down first play of the season lol.
  10. Honestly idk if allen Robisons stats get much better this year because I think Anthony miller takes a big step up. Robinson still the team wr1 so he has a chance to break 1000 yards. But I think miller gets 800 to 900 as well.
  11. Im not an agent and dont understand the full depth of all the details of contract talks but Idk how they could trade him. No one wanted to pay 13 million a year for bell let alone trade for him and that contract. I heard on pro football talk the next highest bid in free agency was 8 million a year.
  12. Seems like every stat out there proves tyreek hill is amazing.
  13. The giants defense was bottom 10 in the nfl last year in both yards and points so it should get better. But they lost pro bowl safety landon Collins. Let snacks harris go for a 3rd and traded oliver Vernon to help the oline. They replaced their 3 best defensive players with rookie dexter Lawrence, markus golden who has 2.5 sacks last year and an ACL the year before, and jabrill peppers who is average at best. They also added rookie corners DeAndre baker and julian love with a 1st and 6th round picks. Adding 2 rookies and and 2 journeymen to a bad defense probably wont boost the defense much if any from what it was last year. Maybe dexter Lawrence is the next Warren sapp and maybe DeAndre baker is the next deon sanders but I doubt it. I'd imagine if they take a step forward it's a small one and the poor play of eli manning will allow for plenty garbage time drives.