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  1. It's never too early. This dude has been on fire so far
  2. Dang, my league allows 6 adds per week and I thought that was strict, can't imagine only getting 3
  3. I dropped Grichuk for Soler a few days ago. Since then, Soler is 0/12, Grichuk is 5/13 with 3 HR 🙃
  4. I drafted 3 😥 at least Smoak has been alright but the rest are easy drops. Took Gurriel to fill in for Lindor and that 0/15 isn't quite cutting it In other news, Peralta (KC) came in top of the 7th, loaded the bases and got out of it without giving up any runs, not too shabby
  5. I'm in one of these weaker leagues probably, and I'm torn between "this guy is a must add" and "this guy is just taking advantage of weak White Sox pitchers". I like what I've seen so far at least, from him as well as the 3 guys ahead of him giving more RBI chances.
  6. I guess it was a little bit of exaggeration. I have Trevor May, who I'm not going to drop yet but I know the Closer thread here is freaking out about him. Miami SP Caleb Smith who obviously didn't start today so no judgment there, though he was my final pick. Then I drafted 3 Blue Jays position players and that team looked bad today (Smoak, Gurriel, Grichuk). Realistically I'm sure I'll hang on to all of them for a while unless someone is a must add. Just a little spooky seeing a team batting average of .103 haha, but really I'm sure I just need to relax and let things balance out
  7. First year playing fantasy baseball and my team is looking not great based on overreacting to one day of baseball haha. Now I'm second guessing my picks and wondering when is it too early to drop my late round picks that I'm unsure about for waiver adds. Eventually I'll get Lindor back at least