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  1. Possibly soon, there’s 2 owners in the league people are not fond of. Just sent the invite to him, you’ll be next for the 2nd team. Both have good rosters with batting & pitching
  2. Anyone want to take over a talented team? No cost x Cash Prize & Award included
  3. Alright I have him interested in a deal of: Chris Sale, Jean Segura, Eugenio Suarez —-for—- Cody Bellinger, Francisco Lindor, Zack Wheeler BUT... he rejected and countered with Jesus Luzardo & Josh Phegley. I’m not trying to include Luzardo because I don’t know how much I trust Wheeler. I will throw in Gore or AJ Puk, and would rather throw Omar Narvaez over Phegley if I deal any catcher. thoughts anyone
  4. Just sent this offer with no Omar Narvaez, let me see his stance on this then go from there
  5. What about proposing this offer.... Chris Sale, Jean Segura, Eugenio Suarez, Omar Narvaez for Cody Bellinger, Francisco Lindor, Zach Wheeler
  6. Rejected Sale for Bellinger straight up when I offered it Monday... Here’s what my current team looks like (dynasty league). I could try packaging Sale/Suarez for Bellinger/Wheeler maybe, and maybe throw in Omar Narvaez because he could use some help at catcher. C : Phegley/Narvaez/Mejia 1B: J. Votto, J. Bruce 2B: Jose Ramirez 3B: Vlad Jr, E. Suarez SS: J. Segura, Ketel Marte OF: A. Judge, Eloy Jiminez, J. Winker, C. Frazier, D. Deshields SP: T. Bauer, C. Sale, N. Syndergaard, C. Archer, J. Musgrove, C. Paddock, C. Smith RP: J. Alverado, R. Iglesias, S. Dominguez, R. Brasier IL: S. Gennett, M. Sano, D. Betances Prospects: F. Whitley, J. Luzardo, M. Gore, K. Tucker, J. Bart, B. Rodgers, M. Kopech, AJ Puk
  7. He has a ton of solid pitching but no ace, I also have Bauer & Noah, to go along with Archer, Paddock, Musgrove & Caleb Smith. My offense hasn’t been getting it done at all though, and I have a struggling Jose Ramirez.... probably going to offer Sale with someone lesser first. I just acquired Sale by trading James Paxton & Aaron Hicks
  8. Lol at not offering more than Taillon... he’ll be back to pitching like the top pitcher in the league again soon and if you didn’t offer the trade for any of them you’ll probably regret it down the road. I’d hold onto Castillo first though he could be a potential NL Cy Young
  9. I have thought offering this in my dynasty league. Might have to offer more... he said he’ll trade Bellinger if he likes the offer but do you think Bellinger will keep it up all season long like he has been hitting so far? Suarez had better numbers last year and if Chris Sale turns back into his usual self this might not benefit me down the long run but I have Vlad Jr to go at 3rd soon. Just hope Bellinger can keep it up like he has been if he accepts.
  10. I send out trades often to owners in my league and get a lot of counter offers. Was sending multiple for Musgrove in a deal packaged with Marte and got rejected, then another I sent was accepted. The other I sent for Sale got accepted this morning. Was at a bar when I sent both of the proposals and don’t even remember sending these last ones but I feel good about both of them. This is a 12 team Dynasty League. 6x6. Thoughts on how I did? the first one I got: Chris Sale he got: James Paxton Aaron Hicks with a different owner I got: Joe Musgrove Garrett Hamson he got: Odubal Herrera Hunter Renfroe my pitching staff is already loaded from good draft picks and trades I’ve made, but I already have Bauer & Thor.. so adding Sale to a rotation with those 2 can be lethal once he finds his form. I also have Chris Paddock, Chris Archer, Musgrove, Caleb Smith, Freddy Peralta. Then relievers: Alvarado, Dominguez, Iglesias, Brasier
  11. I recently got him in a big trade I made convincing the guy to let him go because he’s been on this cold streak since last season, and was assuming he’d turn it around by now but he also started last year off like this. I haven’t benched him yet but he’s been killing my batting average and I’ve thought about sitting him for a few days, but he’ll turn it around soon and I don’t want to miss the day when he has a big game. in the end I did trade Lindor for Ramirez (dynasty league), who isn’t playing right now anyways so I’m not missing anything. It was a big deal altogether with a member I send a lot of proposals and counters too... but I didn’t want to give Lindor up for anyone because that’s my favorite player to watch (not on my yankees) and he kept making offers for him so the only deal I settled on landed me : Jose Ram, Joey Votto, Jean Segura & Chris Archer for Lindor, Willy Adames, Eric Hosmer, Zach Wheeler, Alex Wood & top prospect Royce Lewis.
  12. Also with the Alonso/Rosario side as Frazier’s playing time will start to go down a bit once those 2 return, but their lineup will probably be pretty shaky with injuries all season long. Idk if Alonso will keep up all year with the ways he’s hittting but should be a much more consistent option with Rosario than Bryant & Frazier would.
  13. Lindor because you know he's a sure thing
  14. DRAFT IS AT 8:30 PM EST!!!! 2 SPOTS OPEN! I had to replace two owners who did not pay. $40 BUY IN, pay immediately when joining or I’ll have to remove. Thank you! Looking for the best owners looking for a fun and competitive league only! once again, 2 OPEN SPOTS. DRAFT IN 4 HRS. JOIN/PAY IMMEDIATELY !! thank you
  15. Just a few spots left we need the best owners only, who else wants to be part of one of the best fantasy baseball leagues there will be?! Let’s go!!
  16. The league is filling up now, get in while you can you won’t regret it!
  17. Yeah total bases is a category I’ve been considering, or just Extra Base Hits. You won’t lose the $40 though, Yahoo is about as professional of a platform as they come. I am planning on doing a prospects draft for players not on yahoo most likely on June 1st, if not earlier, once I get every one in the league setup and have everything else running. I was not planning on doing this league until next year but could not wait and started it later than intended. But this league will be awesome to play & compete in, and for all of the members to have fun with the league year round.
  18. I won in football 2 years ago and they put the money into my paypal account. But if you pay with a card they put the money and earnings back on there or mail a check. That was the options I believe. I received the money probably 3 weeks after the championship was completed.
  19. Hello rotoworld, I have recently opened up the Retro Dynasty League for Baseball & I will make it the best league anyone has ever been a part of! I am looking for new owners who will be active daily, set their lineups weekly, making roster moves consistently, and open/willing to offer/make trades. I am a commissioner that is for my people and with all new rules and possible changes we will always discuss it as group and see what everyone thinks is best. MOST OF ALL, TEAM OWNERS THAT LOVE TO HAVE FUN AND GET THE MOST OUT OF A FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE, THIS IS 100% FOR YOU!! That's a promise $40 Buy-In, Online Live Draft set for 5:30 PM EST this Sunday 3/31. 12 Teams I am the commissioner, so let me give a quick intro about myself... My name is Johnny Irvin. also known as J.I. Retro. I am an in-house music producer for LeVeon Bell & many other artists. Outside of that business I also have a corporate job with AT&T, and am a father, so my life constantly stays busy with my family and work. However, I am a huge sports fan and used to run one of the top dynasty leagues for Yahoo Hockey (King Dynasty League) which started with 14 teams and after 5 years expanded to 20 teams with a waiting list of over 100+ people to get in, but I had to put that to an end when my first son was born and I was not able to manage the league any longer. I now have the time to get back into fantasy baseball, and am going to make this league the absolute best I can for every owner involved. I am always open to new suggestions and will eventually be looking for a co-commissioner to help if the league continues to expand. The platform being used is Yahoo and there is a $40 Buy-In that must be paid immediately upon joining. I will be expanding the league with an app for us to all use (something simple & easy as GroupMe) or a website, for us to have better communication with each other. We will have a general baseball chat thread, league discussion on changes & additions, and be able to private message and chat more effectively than just by email and on Yahoo. If you need a co-owner, feel free to use one as well to help with your draft, lineups, trades, etc. JOIN NOW! & if you have any questions please reach out to me at irvin.92@gmail.com https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/161470/invitation?key=3ab564677c98a4db&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=d2644c6091dbc982 H2H Scoring: HR, R, RBI, AVG, SB x W, SV, SO, ERA, WHIP (open to adding one more hitting and one more scoring category based on a league discussion and vote) LETS MAKE THIS THE BEST DAMN LEAGUE THERE IS! RETRO DYNASTY LEAGUE