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  1. Lol 10 singles that's pretty hilarious. Anyone catch the game? Were they hitting him hard or were they mostly seeing eye singles?
  2. Shoulder surgeries are no joke. Im sure they will be cautious with him for a little while here no matter how hot he gets. Yea it sucks but it's better than having him hurt the shoulder again and miss time.
  3. Hit by another pitch tonight wtf... Loving the production though our boy is back.
  4. No jinx can keep captain statcast down
  5. No biggie then. Was thinking he reaggravated the finger or something.
  6. I second this. If you drafted/added this guy without knowing he's a platoon player that's your fault for not doing your due diligence. Drop him or get over it. The bitching is getting old.
  7. Wtf sitting two days in a row...
  8. Jesus Christ he's been up a week and has 2 homers and you guys are acting like he's a bust. Log off.
  9. Loving the average but when is the power gonna show up? 4 homers in 320 major league abs is kind of disappointing. Definitely not complaining because he is a hit machine, but man he'd be a superstar if he could just hit the ball out more often.
  10. Absolute monster. Love this guy.
  11. A singles hitter with no speed. Goodbye Votto. Dropped.
  12. If they're playing that many consecutive days then a day or two here and there makes sense, but 6 out of 7 days is crazy and he might as well be on the DL at that point.
  13. Lol wtf is going on with this guy?? Ive never seen a hurt player sit for a week without going on the DL. Are the Nats really this stupid? No wonder Harper left.