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  1. Yep, I think he is going to run a lot more than was initially expected.
  2. Senzel reminds me so much of Bregman. Build and demeanor are so similar
  3. I agree. Giving a good bill of health, I can see a 20 20 guy with upper mid(375-390) obp and a near 300 average.
  4. If he’s going to get a chance you’d think it may come early this year depending on what they do with Senzel and the current ofers
  5. It’s been a tough go of it so far for Senzel but I believe he’s about to put it all behind him and hit the ground running. Its going to be all on him and his rehab progress as to when he gets called up. Cincy is desperate on the field and at the box office. He will get everyday at bats(prolly a game off every 4 or 5 games for load management) once he does. And we all know he’s going to hit for average. He’s an excellent athlete and will run if his legs are good to go. Also, not sure how much over the fence power we will see this year, but I trust it will come sooner than later.
  6. Welp, another HR to pair with 2 more Ks