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  1. Adams will be a great player for the next eight years, Gordon maybe four years.
  2. I would say Drake. Miami only has two RBs on the roster right now. (Hearing things about them looking into Duke Johnson tho.) Also, this is the last year of his rookie contract, so they might as well run the heck out of him.
  3. Keep two at original round penalty (.5 PPR/12 team): Derrick Henry (9) Aaron Jones (10) Derrius Guice (13) Or, since QBs in this league get six points per TD, plus .5 per completion and minus .25 per incompletion, they are super valuable. I’m warming up to: Baker Mayfield (9) He totally expect him to be a top five QB this year. Otherwise, my least likely option: Hunter Henry (9) Im hoping Derrius Guice blows up the preseason to make this an easy decision, because I’m scared Aaron Jones is gonna get hurt. Derrick Henry? Jeese, he’s a hard guy to trust, but he almost seems the safest.
  4. If you get the sense that everyone is keeping two RBs, then Gordon. If it’s mixed, then Adams.
  5. If you like watching Chiefs games and Mahomes, choose him. There’s something special about watching your QBs games, and they should be fun to watch and on prime time often.
  6. Antonio unless your rebuild has you throwing this season out the window
  7. Henry. I am gonna think your choices at WR will be weak tho
  8. They are close. I’d say Aaron Jones. Rd7 is still a valuable pick.