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  1. He's going to come back soon, first time he's ever been hurt. Young and will recover quick ETA: correction, missed two games his freshman year of college
  2. Would be incredibly foolish to put McCullers anywhere other than bullpen/closer next year. The guy doesn't wilt under pressure and his arm can't handle 130 innings
  3. Any word if the surgery is going to prevent him from wearing all the jewelry he invested in?
  4. So this doesn't have anything to actually do with the game? its strictly on your fantasy season, got it.
  5. Not to talk about other players but Cole is the one guy I would give a long-term deal and the only reason is the size of his frame.
  6. I was just thinking about how BS it sounded before I pulled this page back up. But yes, Todd Kalas & Geoff Blum were discussing it during one of the broadcasts for the Astros and thats apparently what happened
  7. He was struggling at the plate and called up Carlos Beltran who told him to stop batting with only his front eye, he told him to turn so he can use both. Another bomb tonight
  8. This past 11 game hitting streak, on fire.
  9. People in this thread: This is fine.
  10. Paxton right now playing pitching like a video game
  11. I was mostly referring to his pitch count being in the 90s at that point.
  12. And screw J.A. Happ, what a garbage pitcher.
  13. no idea why Trevor Williams stayed in this inning, his arm is a wet noodle at this point