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  1. i dropped him to activate Eloy but idk about eloy
  2. If I wasn't a yankee fan I would have dropped him already. Kept telling myself he will be good once the weather gets warmer but he is pitching horrible no matter the conditions
  3. What are the odds kris Bryant steals a base? I need just 1 more to win
  4. he was talking to ESPN during the 3 inning saying he never pitched in front of a crowd larger then 1,000 people, and said that pitching in boston at the red sox stadium could be overwhelming for him.
  5. his coach was on the mic talking during the game saying he thought the stage was just to much for him, hopefully he can get over it and do better
  6. anyone watching the mets? why did matz get pulled already?
  7. Not only is cano having a terrible year but now he is has to go out and kill conforto
  8. God he really fell off after that ankle injury, no HR and 1 rbi in the last 2 weeks
  9. There got to be some sort of benefit of hitting in front of trout that the stats just wont show you