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  1. Every expert everywhere I looked said start fuller. More evidence that football is rigged
  2. I see no reason to ever start Watkins again, dude has tricked me for over a month now
  3. The good thing about Dalton being trash is that I can happily go RoS ignoring all these "experts" and their opinion on who to start and sit.
  4. All these "experts" said start fuller. Guess they knew something no one else did
  5. as a Yankee fan i thought this dude was the ultimate sleeper and would just kill it this season but injuries got him yet again. His future depends on what the yanks do with Didi. If they resign Didi then i just dont see any place to put him with Voit and DJ and first base. If they let Didi walk then you could have glyber at SS with DJ at 2nd thus opening more room at 1st
  6. never played fantasy baseball (or any fantasy sports) b4 but had alot of fun. Finished in third place out of 12. This forum helped me out alot, cant wait to play again next year
  7. He turned Into trash after that week one game. He looked lazy running routes today also no way I'm starting him next week
  8. Watkins has been trash since the first game no way im playing him anymore. Sat Lindsay in favor of hardman today also so that one really hurts
  9. thank god for chubb cause watkins and hardman are trashcans today
  10. Please Watkins and hardman give me something!!!
  11. i would do that trade asap b4 the other guy comes to his sense
  12. In a 2 qb league currently have Winston, dalton, and Jimmy g on roster. Dont like Winston at all this week and besides brissett the next best qb is Josh Rosen. Should I pull the trigger or nah?