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  1. To each their own but I think getting Kirk would be huge. Arizona is going to throw the ball and Kirk already has 20 targets through 2 games. I think you will just continue to see improvement with Murray as the season goes on and that equals really good things for Mr. Kirk.
  2. Started off 0-2 with the 3rd most points in the league. I like my team but I think I could use another RB as my bench is a little weak. Guy really wants Godwin off my team. He's been sending me some really lowball offers but I was thinking of countering with Aaron Jones for Godwin. This would bump Sanders into my WR3 spot and Jones in my Flex. This is a 12 team full PPR League. My RBs and WRs RB1 - CMC RB2 - Mixon WR1 - Keenan Allen WR2 - Godwin WR3 - Kupp Flex - Emanuel Sanders Bench - Drake, Latavius Murray, McLaurin, James Washington
  3. Full PPR. Had my mind set that I was going to see what Williams does this week and start Kirk. Now like every week 1 fantasy season I am second guessing. Makes it a little easier to sit Williams playing Jacksonville.
  4. Wait a second are you in my Yahoo money league??? I literally traded Brown for Edelman earlier today and even made a post on here about it.
  5. 10 Team, Full PPR. I wanted to get a replacement at WR and while I may have been able to get slightly better I am happy to be rid of the fool. Who knows what else happens with AB later in the season. He could throw a temper tantrum over what flavor of Gatorade the Raiders are drinking.
  6. I only own him in one yahoo money league and I just posted him on the trade block to see. I just don't want the guy and would probably accept a lesser value WR to replace him at this point. I know it's not the best recipe for success but I'd rather just be done with the guy. As for buying I myself wouldn't trade my backup TE for him.
  7. I always play for the now instead of the future even in dynasty leagues. I mean I still try to keep a nice crop of up and coming players but you couldn't pass on this offer. There is always new guys to draft or pick up next season coming out of college. Michael Thomas isn't exactly old either. Maybe a little scary to see him without Brees once he retires but I still think you get a minimum 3 great years out of Thomas. As a Philly fan I do love what I see in JJ but he still has to show me he can do it on Sunday vs. the 1st team.
  8. Call me crazy but I think you have better team then him this year if AB ever stops being a complete POS and just plays football.
  9. I get it but they looked horrid on offense. Just take into account that the starters barely played in the preseason so it's gonna take a little to get everyone on the same page. Also they played the best DEF in football and Rodgers was under fire all night. Allison isn't anything special but I am gonna give him another week to see if he improves.
  10. Yeah I love that you got Chubb. I mean sometimes you have to give up a lot to get who you want. I'd rather have Chubb then Ingram or Cohen. Tyler Lockett may hurt a little but hey thats how big trades should be. Would have been nice to get back a little something else though.
  11. I am dropping Rodgers, Jones, Montgomery, Cohen, and Adams as well!
  12. Maybe these starters should play a little more in preseason. It has to be hard to replicate the game speed in practice. I know the defenses played well but both offenses looked lost at times.
  13. If you go by tonight's game you should probably drop every offensive player from both teams. Give it a couple weeks but I think Fitz is perfectly fine to pick up if you don't want to wait.