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  1. Even if he entered the season as a bench player how can you justify putting arguably one of the best hitters in the first half on the bench? DJ Lemahieu was most likely going to have a reduced role at the start of the season before everyone on the Yankees got hurt. Can you imagine that lineup without him in it now? Howie is having just as good if not a better season then DJ. There is no need to run Brian Dozier out there anymore. I know he has shown some signs of life but he's not even close to the hitter Kendrick is. If it's a matter of just playing the guy you are paying more money to then it makes sense but if your trying to get back into the NL East race I don't see why you don't play the better player.
  2. LOL!!! I hate Applebee's but I hate JoRam even more. Trade accepted.
  3. Someone in my league offered me a $25 dollar gift card to Applebee's. Should I take this offer? Personally I think he's overpaying!
  4. I won't even offer him to anyone at this point. If someone offered me Alonso for him straight up let alone gave me a SP like Minor I would veto my own trade!!! Honestly I am embarrassed to even offer him to anyone at this point. I just think he is a fat, lazy player who had so much early success in his career he stopped trying to get better. His bat looks a lot slower and he is starting to play like he looks. I wish they would sit him for 2 weeks and just let him clear his head and work on some things. Throwing him out there everyday is not working.
  5. Nothing really special on waivers right now but I am very tempted to drop him for Luis Urias at the moment. Took a bad L this week in my 7x7 H2H league and I am getting sick of looking at Carpenter and Jose Ramirez on my roster. I have to live with JRam but I am very close to pulling the plug on Carp. Anyone else drop him yet? Its a 10 team redraft by the way.
  6. Who would you stash on your bench? Hiura or Luis Urias? Both available and I have some dead weight I can drop to pickup one of them. I like Hiura a lot more but MIL is dumb and will probably not give him the everyday spot when they do call him back up. Urias should be the everyday 2B when/if he get the call.
  7. In all honesty all these sites kind of suck now. As a LM CBS is easily the best and should be since you pay for it. Only thing with CBS is they for some reason cater to H2H points leagues as their main draw. Also I could be wrong but I don't think they offer GS limits for their H2H leagues. ESPN has always been my go to site but they made a ton of changes (all for the worse IMO). We tried Fantrax earlier this season but a lot of people complained about how jumbled everything was on the league and team pages. I had a ton of hope for Fantrax but even myself found the pages very confusing.
  8. Should have 4 SB but they called him out yesterday afternoon after his hand came off the bag. Would definitely scoop him up if your in need of SB and Runs.
  9. Is it ok to drop this guy yet? Almost midway through June and he really hasn't shown much improvement. Some brief signs of hope but really nothing special.
  10. Not so much venting as in sharing how lucky I have been despite 4 of my first 7 picks severely under performing. Under performing is putting it nicely for a few of those guys.
  11. Somehow this H2H team is 68-53-5 and in 3rd place. This with drafting Jose Ramirez #3 overall, Nola and Syndergaard as my top 2 SP, and drafting Matt Carpenter about 2 rounds too early. I almost dropped Austin Meadows before the season started as well thinking he wouldn't get the playing time with the Rays OF depth. I may have just deleted the league and gave everyone their money back had I done so.
  12. I benched Domingo Santana the last 3 games. All he's done is gone 6-16 with 3 homers and 6 RBI in those games.
  13. What everyone has said is absolutely true in that Nolan is about as safe a bet as you get fantasy wise. Never gets hurt and is a 4 category (5 with OPS) player with no SB. Ramirez was ranked anywhere from 3rd to 12th according to the site you drafted on and there is a good reason for that. The case for 3rd being that he is the only other player who can do what Trout and Betts do in that he contributes to all hitting categories including OPS if you have that as a cat. The argument for not taking him 3rd is that the Indian lineup is a lot weaker this year and that he had a horrible end of the season last year. Also, with his size some don't believe he can duplicate the power he showed last season. I tend to think his power numbers do drop a bit (30ish) but that he gets back to hitting closer to his 300 BA. It's not looking to good right now but it's extremely to early to panic. With that being said there is nothing wrong with staying put with Arenado. He is definitely the less risky of the 2 players and has proven himself for far longer then Jose.
  14. Never thought I would type this out but I just dropped him for Trevor Cahill. Going to keep a close eye on Pivetta but at the moment he cannot be started.