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  1. Must be match up based then, thanks!
  2. Webb is in the 8th, who is warming for the 9th for Atlanta? Winkler?
  3. Are you telling me he doesn’t look like slenderman in real life?
  4. He’s been terrible on the road, inside and outside.
  5. Yea I never understood what GMs, scouts, fans, woman (or men), or anyone ever saw in Daniel anyways. So he was alright at 2B. We all know that 2B is where the worst infielder with the weakest arm plays, that is all.
  6. It’ll give McMahon another day to hit two more dingers! They’re going to feast off Archer.
  7. Jackson was warming up in the 9th after Newcomb just in case, tells me Jackson is clearly the closer but I do applaud everyone for adding Newcomb in hold leagues. Great job!