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  1. 🤣 “How hot he is”? It’s 2 games. Hold your pants up cowboy.
  2. I wouldn’t expect any steals. 🤔
  3. Please send him back down for regular ABs.
  4. Watched the game yesterday on MLB and saw his HR. In my non-professional opinion on scouting MLB players I’d classify him as an Ole JAG.
  5. Is there any reason to believe that he’ll regain the closer role again?
  6. There is absolutely no need for a call-up this season. Sox are a few years away still.
  7. I know but thanks, I was just ranting because of the mess Leclerc has made of my relievers. I’m only to blame as I’ve held onto him far to long.
  8. WTF is the actual point of an opener???
  9. I’m not going for that bait, everybody steals 70 bases In the minors.
  10. I wasn’t expecting Tucker called because they gain an extra year after June 1st I believe.
  11. Frankly, I don’t see a difference between Yordan and Kevin Cron statistically. Why is everyone expecting Yordan to come up and blowup the bigs? I’m still holding but I guess hope for the best, expect the worst.
  12. I can be convinced, I really don’t know much about him other than the eye test on TV. Thanks
  13. Why do you say “he has the stuff”? I’m just asking and not trying to be rude so don’t take it personal but I’ve watched a few of his games and I don’t see anything but very average control. Dude has zero idea where his FB is going more than half the time. Last night was nothing short of batting practice for the Cubs with him on the mound. Those HRs he gave up to the bottom of the order were just flat out embarrassing.
  14. Looks real good... media stated this is a spot start but after this we’ll definitely see but he’ll most likely get sent back after the game.
  15. He has elite bat to ball contact skills but I’ve never heard of him having “all of this HR power”
  16. Hard to stomach seeing him batting 8th sandwiched between Brian Dozier and the pitcher.
  17. You’re right, I’m probably more venting than anything but there are at least a half dozen or so that are close to his numbers sitting there. I’m considering starting Mercado over him merely because of where Mercado is batting in the order now.