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  1. I will take Cubs. I could use a challenge
  2. You guys are too funny... just had room to add a few teams... and for the most part decent leagues... appreciate you guys watching Fast Eddie - if you have opening in solid keep / dynasty league let me know... Eddie
  3. Interested - active owner my email is how many keepers per year?
  4. Interested - active owner email is Eddie
  5. I can handle the adversity... active manager that gets it done, looking for like minded league - Eddie my email is
  6. Interested if you still have opening - active owner - looking for challenge... Eddie my email is:
  7. Active manager - Eddie - I am interested... looks like making of good league...
  8. If team is available I am interested - Eddie active owner...
  9. Active owner - interested if still available - could use challege... Eddie
  10. Active owner - if Team is still open would like to join league - Eddie
  11. Active owner and would like Seattle Pilots if available... thanks Eddie!