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  1. He's also hitting .360 over the past 30. He'll be fine.
  2. You guys who are panicking need to relax. I wouldn't drop him in an 8 team league even if he continues this for another 2 weeks. He'll be a top 10 3b by season's end.
  3. I jumped ship. Not optimistic he'll finish with an average above .250 or so with how he is hitting. I don't think ~22.5/~32.5 with a .250 is a top 20 player. Its closer to Tim Anderson than 2018 Jo-Ram
  4. thanks! Still trying to figure out if I want to pull the trigger on it. Its never easy dealing a player who has been so ridiculously hot as Springer.
  5. I forgot to specify which side I was! I'd be receiving J. Baez in this deal. Thx!
  6. Caleb Smith owner here. I'd rather have Castillo
  7. I'd do the trade. Agree with the dude above ^. Pham is a top 12is of imo
  8. Is there anyone else you can drop for Braun?? Myers can be streaky and super good when hes hot.
  9. Calhoun if hes still available! Should be able to keep up with fellow rookies.
  10. Keeper league. Draft budget is $300 every year, and players' values go up by $5 if they are kept. Baez is a $16 player this year, and Springer is $26. Both are fantastic keeper values, but Baez's is about two years behind Springer when it comes to keeper value. LaStella and Pedro Baez are just throw ins. WHIR!
  11. I'd imagine they finish with similar OBP's and probably OPS too since Franmil will hit for higher average with less walks
  12. Its not my idea to sell high on Betts. He isnt even a sell high candidate considering he's not outperforming whats been expected of him. The idea here is to deal a player that has minimal keeper value in this format for someone who has immense keeper value (despite the fact he's been lost at the plate through his first 2 weeks in the big leagues)
  13. I'm pretty sure those are the numbers for his last 6 starts actually dating back to April 12. This all comes with a .301 BABIP and a .341 SIERA. Has outperformed Bieber, Marquez, and other pitchers that have generated a ton of buzz in that time frame
  14. I'd say Jo-Ram. much higher upside ROS, and is starting to show signs of life.