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  1. doubtful.... unless he comes up and give you a giolito-esque two month stretch.
  2. per cbs, looks like a 2 start week, both at home, next week vs the brewers and cubs. i'm a little hesitant but, my other option is a 1 start jon gray on the road vs the d-backs so, i might roll the dice on JM. then again, just looked at his splits. he's actually slightly worse at home vs on the road (opponents BA .269 vs .228). almost identical innings pitched for home and away so, seems like legit numbers.
  3. i don't see how you can trust starting him at all right now. i've got him buried deep on my bench. i play in a 10 team h2h. for whatever reason, i'm giving him a lot of leeway. still holding on to the hope that he will turn it around in the next couple of weeks.
  4. +1 tonight is a perfect example. quality start. 6 innings. 5 k's. no decision. i guess the caveat is that i play in a points league where a guy like ST will score double digit points for a performance like this. In points leagues I feel he is a must own. If he was in another division, maybe I wouldn't be so "bullish" on him (pun intended? lol). But, as oswald alluded to, in the AL central, he is a decent/good option streaming option on weeks when he pitches against a AL central rival.
  5. i'm in a 10 team h2h league. currently in 2nd place. using 5 starting pitchers. i'm being offered rhys hoskins for charlie morton. my other starters are normally: giolito price soroka matthew boyd with my bench pitchers: jon gray frankie montas musgrove tanaka spencer turnbull starting lineup: catcher-mitch garver 1b-muncy 2b-senzel 3b-arenado ss-lindor of- benintendi, conforto, austin meadows util- rendon only reason i'm contemplating is because i feel hoskins (7th in 1b points in my league) will be an upgrade over muncy (13th in 1b scoring in my league) thanks in advance for your time
  6. i think unless you play in a pretty deep league, i wouldn't pick him up. at best, monitor closely, and the second he starts smelling like 2018, pick him up
  7. [...] LG is just in beast mode, and in the AL central, you gotta love his potential for the remainder of the year.
  8. despite that, walker still hitting .260'ish for the year with 8 hr's and 18 rbi. i'm not saying cron doesn't deserve a shot but, walker has probably earned some lee-way considering his april, and overall numbers for the year.
  9. Yeah, I spoke too soon. I was looking online for score updates, and it looked like he was pulled after the 7th. It really looks like it's starting to come together for him.
  10. gotta love that he did exactly that. 7 strong. 3 hits allowed. 6k's.
  11. true. I'm in a points league though so, that doesn't hurt as much.
  12. Playing in 10 team h2h points league. Drafted Arenado as my starting 3b, and Rendon for my utility slot. Picked up Devers some time in April, just because I thought he was prematurely dropped, and thought he might turn it around. Now he is just in the zone, but he is just racking up points on my bench. I've got Muncy as my 1B currently, but feel like I should try and upgrade there, and maybe trade for Hoskins/Rizzo/Alonso? Or should I just hold off? I feel like the Devers breakout is real, but with less to his resume than the other two, I might not get as much. current lineup: c- castro 1b-muncy 2b-senzel 3b-arenado ss-lindor of-meadows, conforto, benintendi u-rendon
  13. 2 for 5, a double, 2 rbi and 2 runs scored again today. he is just en fuego right now!
  14. +1 I'm in a 10 teamer and dropped Votto for Yandy a few weeks ago. Walker started strong but is really coming back down to Earth now. Yandy had the injury but, I'm not quite ready to give up on him yet. Rays have been playing well as a team, and I could see him mashing again soon.