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  1. I’m an experienced owner who’s looking to join another league for this season. Willing to join either a Dynasty league or a redraft league and I’m also willing to take on a possible rebuilding project. If anyone has a league opening please send me an email at
  2. I’m an experienced owner and I have been in multiple deep Dynasty leagues over the last 5 years. I am looking for a new challenge, preferably a 20-30 team league with deep minor league rosters. I’m willing to take on a rebuild or even join a startup dynasty league. If anyone has any openings please send me an email at
  3. I’m looking for a deep football money league preferably twenty teams or more that is run on Fantrax. I’m an active and committed owner and I’m willing to take on any roster no matter how bad it may be. Feel free to either PM me on here or email me at if anyone has any league openings.
  4. I’m an active owner and have been a veteran of deep dynasty leagues since 2014, I’m interested in taking over a rebuilding effort and trying to make the team a contender in my own vision. I would prefer for the league to be hosted on Fantrax and have a deep minor league system. I’ve taken over very deep rebuilds in multiple leagues, Some more successful than others. If anyone has an opening for a league and think I’d be a good fit I’d appreciate it if you could reach out to me. Thank you.