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  1. I wouldn’t even consider this deal. Paddack is a future superstar and saves are hit and miss. If this was a “cant keep him anyway” situation then it has slightly more interest, but doubt I’d do it even then.
  2. Trout, Acuna, Alonso, Tatis, and Buehler. In that order. I hate to pass on Hiura, Castillo, and Berrios. An argument can be made for any of them in the fifth slot.
  3. 14 team dynasty league. Key here is what will they do with James in terms of rotation. I think Sims will get his shot. Anderson is a beast. Guzman under performing but what an arm. Who ya got?
  4. I’ve added him in every league that I can...but I feel like they’ll keep introducing him to the league in spurts
  5. Seth is not very fast, but he used to throw 92 mph when he pitched. His arm is plenty strong, it’s more just instincts and ground coverage.
  6. Normally in a deep league like this I’d say trade for numbers but not sure any of these guys excite me very much.
  7. Please don’t waste time asking the question and pull the trigger before he changes his mind.
  8. Know Seth and his family. Interesting fact was he was probably a better swimmer than Baseball player. He was breaking Phelps records at 14 and was destined for Olympic stardom. Sure hope he makes it. Good kid.