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  1. Thanks for using MLB network stats. I saw that the other day, I was talking about this season and I was talking about RBI’s and not just home runs. Thanks for your input.
  2. Ya good point, and everyone put up numbers in that Colorado series... hell, Hosmer had 12 rbi hitting .333 last week lol. So would have been nice to see Reyes in that series, because you are right.. Renfroe wasn’t doing anything that special until last week.
  3. Ya, no way in hell he was going to leave that game that early after being out for two months... but I’m sure it bothered him a lot more than he let on. Hopefully he still starts vs Detroit but I wouldn’t be surprised if they skip that start to make sure he’s fully healthy.
  4. So you have to think the Padres know this also.. do you think they were playing Reyes this much to showcase him for a trade? Clearly Renfroe looks like the better player right now. Everyone keeps talking about Renfroe being the one that gets traded, but he seems to have more long term value, has a very good contract, and can actually play the field. Reyes is a prototypical DH and needs to be in the AL. I know Reyes has tons of potential, but if you are gonna be in the NL you have to field, and if you are going to be a power hitter in the middle of the lineup, you have to capitalize on RBI opportunities consistently.
  5. Struck out looking twice with runners in scoring position. Both full counts, but gotta swing the bat to hit the ball. A sacrifice fly could have brought in one of them also.... there may be something to his struggles with runners on base. I’ve yet to see him perform very well with runners on. But I’m not giving up on him.
  6. Ya, I was on the fence but I have a few pitchers that just hit the IL and kinda short handed, so I gambled on it. Also, I figured with his talent he wouldn’t get bombed like he did vs a depleted Rangers lineup... clearly he seemed rusty, he had a lot of full counts and got behind in a lot of counts today. Hopefully he makes up for it vs Detroit.
  7. Welp, that backfired. Got 7 k’s from him at least. But his control was not there today, hopefully he will be better next start.
  8. Meanwhile Renfroe just hit another 2 run homer... sometimes injuries can cost you your starting job, and Reyes may be at risk of that if Renfroe keeps hitting like this. He’s a better fielder also.
  9. Reyes and Guerrero Jr. would be a nice middle of the lineup to build off of for Toronto, that’s an interesting idea. If San Diego could get Boyd for Reyes than that is a no brainer move for San Diego in my opinion, especially with the outfield depth that they have. But I don’t see that much incentive for Detroit to do a deal like that right now. San Diego could use a solid 200 inning guy in that rotation, a lot of young guys but they need an anchor to that rotation for sure. Stroman would be good too but I like Boyd better. I’d be interested to hear from others if there are any AL teams that could benefit from making a move for Reyes as a DH and have the pieces to get him and may actually be a legitimate trade possibility for this season.
  10. They need to trade him to the AL so he can DH. Isn’t this the second time already this season he’s injured himself just trying to catch a ball? Doesn’t he have prior history of knee injuries also? He doesn’t look like he has the durability to play a full season in the field, plus he’s just not good at it. I’d love to see him moved so he can DH. Let’s get him in a hitters park while we are at it also 😂.
  11. Yes, it’s gotten ugly. I have been watching a lot of his at bats and I wonder... can he just try to hit a single for once? I mean dude, I understand swinging for the fences but with runners on second or third with 1 or no outs, can you just try to make contact at least? His plate approach is horrible. His situational hitting is horrible. He looks as though he’s pulling his head up early to watch how far the ball is going to go (meanwhile it’s going into the catchers mitt). I don’t see pitchers doing anything crazy to beat him either. Lots of fastballs just right by him, getting him to 0-2 counts then he swings and misses at junk out of the zone. Someone mentioned that he studies more than anyone in the game.... so what is the point of studying if you aren’t going to make any adjustments? That being said, I’m holding onto him because of his 1b 2b 3b eligibility and being in a good lineup that can score runs. I’m just using him as a utility backup hoping he can get back to starter status.... being moved to 9th though might be Cora saying alright buddy, the only demotion after hitting 9th is back to the minors, so let’s see you step it up. And yes, many people have said he’s not being demoted and his job is safe because the Red Sox simply need him right now (and I also hope his job is safe and he improves) but, this is the Red Sox, and if they have a weakness that needs to be improved, they will make a trade and before you know it chavis is shipped out or demoted. I heard rumors of Chavis to San Francisco for Will Smith at one point, but I think that’s when they still were planning to get pedroia back. Whit Merrifield is also a guy to keep an eye on as a trade target for 2b.
  12. I agree. Hopefully this will keep him available and fresh for the fantasy playoffs. I had already anticipated not having him toward the end of the season and just wanted to get what I could out of him for the regular season, but with the way he’s been pitching I was going to be benching him also. So at least maybe this gives some hope for him coming back and having an impact for playoffs. I would imagine they are doing this to limit his innings and rest but I also believe they realize he can’t be effective as a starter as a two pitch pitcher. Hitters have been sitting on the fastball and they have been hitting it hard. When you give MLB hitters a 50/50 chance of guessing the pitch, especially if they have seen him two or three times already that game or this season, they are going to start hitting it hard. So, I think the Padres are also sending him down to work on that curveball. He needs to at least have hitters thinking about three pitches. He’s too predictable with only two, even if they are both elite pitches with elite command. It may have worked against minor leaguers, but MLB batters have figured him out. They aren’t chasing the changeup anymore, they are making contact, fouling off a lot of balls, his pitch count has been up earlier into games (I’m using my observations not analytics, so I could be wrong and feel free to correct me) and they just aren’t swinging and missing nearly as much as the beginning of the season. The other idea that crossed my mind, which will be an unpopular opinion, is if he can’t start using an effective third pitch, maybe they consider him as a closer. Then he can bring his fastball in at around 96-97 and use his changeup. With his intensity, elite command and low walk rates, I could see him being successful as a closer, but of course I’d rather see him as a dominant starter. But at least as a closer batters will only see him once a game and not get three at bats against him to figure him out. This is just a short term idea if he can’t continue to be effective as a starter. Can always get him stretched out again and transition back into a starter. Again, just an idea, but I hope that he’s going down to work on having an effective third pitch and comes back a more dangerous starter.
  13. Hey guys I’m new here and you probably don’t value my opinion much and I could be totally wrong, but I saw this live and his arm looked really weird afterward. Also, if you watch the video of it happening with the sound, I’m pretty sure you can hear a popping sound right as he released the ball (again I could be wrong). I think he probably will be out and most likely tommy john... But I’m hoping for the best for him. I really hope I’m wrong. He really plays it down in his postgame interview like nothing is wrong but you see that all the time, so I can’t read too much into that. Just my two cents on the topic.
  14. I just dropped Shaw and picked up Chavis. I know Chavis doesn’t have a proven track record either and he can’t sustain his current numbers, but he just seems like a better natural hitter that won’t kill my average. I was using Shaw as a bench utility guy and that’s what I plan to do with Chavis unless he keeps raking like this then I’ll plug him in. Hope this was a good move, I just didn’t see how Shaw was going to come close to last seasons numbers at this rate. Already through 100 AB, he looks awful. I’ve watched many of his AB and every time they are awful or he hits right into the shift. If you had him up with a runner on 3b and 2 outs and they played a shift and all he needed to do was hit one opposite field ball to win the World Series, I don’t think he would be physically capable of doing it.