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  1. That’s pretty impressive. Barely even possible it seems. Just out of curiosity, what was the gem of a lineup you trotted out there to lose to a team sporting two inactive players in their lineup and only 7 points from there QB?
  2. Is it just me or has this been like the worst first half of first set of games since ‘Nam?
  3. Ouch. Double ouch actually. That’s Corey Davis level stuff right there. You draft him and start him and he sucks. But you stick with him and stay the course the next week. And then again the next week. And the week after that, and the week after that and so on. Sucking the whole way through, each and every week. And then, when you finally mercifully waive the white flag and bench him, he goes off. And now all that that remains for you to complete the full Corey Davis cycle would be for you to re-insert Jones back into your lineup next week, so he can go back to his regularly scheduled programming of 3 for 29.
  4. Yes, I did. Multiple different leagues. I have a ton of Cooper Kupp stock this season. Which is a good thing. I also have a lot of Patrick Mahomes stock. Which was a good thing. I also own parts of or all of the Kansas City Chiefs backfield practically everywhere. Not as good of a thing. Not then, not now, and probably not ever. Swiiiing a miss. And when I say practically everywhere, I’m talking all over the damn place. You spot a Chiefs running back somewhere - whether it be on TV or shopping down at the local supermarket - it is overwhelmingly likely that he’s on my fantasy football team. One of em anyway. The league you’re referring to (the one where I accepted an offer to receive Tyreek & Tyrell Williams, giving up just Kupp) is the league I’m living in utter gluttony with Kansas City Chiefs. Although, more like dying in gluttony now. Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, McCoy, Damien Williams...and Darrel Williams too for good measure. No bueno. It’s the only league I have Tyreek in, thanks to that trade. Also only spot I have Kelce. (Hooper and/or Waller everywhere else). Got my work cut out for me in that one.
  5. God's honest truth. It was rushed. I lost track of time and realized I had to get to where I needed to go; and if I were to get there, it'd have been right then and there I'd need to have gone to get where I was going. So I threw some s**t on a wall and wrapped it up without editing, knowing I still had several 3/4 fleshed-out sequences that I hadn't yet tied together at the time. That's how I operate. Although normally, for whatever I've concocted, I don't dare submit that s**t 'til I've done that last part. Otherwise, I'd come across as relatively retarded, but mostly just autistic, possibly aspergers. None of which - I repeat, NONE - of which I am or have. Not that there'd be anything wrong with that if I did. But nah, I can assure you, just your standard ADD. Textbook really. So that explains what you saw in that earlier post. Also explains the Aderall and the my having ADD thing. That too. But Aaron Rodgers and Marquez Valdes-Scantling for Patty Mahomes and Cooper Kupp?? I mean you sh**in' me with that!? What a cockstain
  6. It might not have been the most well structured rant. Nor the most coherent as to where I was going with it. Wasn’t my best work. Won’t argue that. But other than that, it shouldn’t be all that confusing. I received an insulting B.S. offer, as evidenced by the players I cited in the offer, and I’m none too pleased about it. I apologize for any incoherence. However, it was a rant/vent. And rants and vents and such...inherently, they’re practically breeding grounds for incoherence and confusion. Plus, I think I accidentally doubled up on my dosage of Adderall today. Wait..yup, I definitely did. I really should pay more attention. Goddamn ADD.
  7. No less than a half hour from Mahomes went down last night, I get a live offer from this guy in my league. Aaron Rodgers and Marquez Valdes-Scantling for Cooper Kupp and Patrick Mahomes. No, that's not a type-o. Never mind the fact that Mahomes and the 8.3 points he got me from his abbreviated outing were obviously already locked into my QB slot for the week; and thus Rodgers - even if I wanted his nuts (which I don't. Sure, 2-3 years ago maybe, but certainly not now) couldn't help me this week; meaning no rush to take-on a trade for a replacement QB when doing so comes at the sacrifice of having to ship out the overall #3 WR to date just as he's about to take on the Atlanta Falcons and the group of professional Matadors they employ as football players on their "defense", just a couple of days from now. And never mind the fact that, yes, this league indeed has this thing called waivers; a place where, every week, you will be sure to find a half dozen to a dozen starting (albeit homeless) NFL quarterbacks, all hanging out together at the soup kitchen; all eager for an opportunity, just itching for someone to give 'em a chance. And also never mind the fact that, at this time, what was known was, Patrick Mahomes had merely suffered from an apparent knee injury; the extent of which was not yet known. Although last seen walking on his own power on the sidelines and into the locker room. What was also known at this time was, Patrick Mahomes was not deceased. Not deceased as in not dead. Not dead as in alive. A human person (although that's arguable..he's SO good.) who, last we saw, was still a very much living and breathing creature who walked amongst us on this Earth of ours. Never mind all that. Because from the looks of this schmuck's preposterous offer, you'd never know any of that. Cause, say...say I'm at the movies during the time this occurred. Phone off, no Internet, no TV, the whole nine. And then upon conclusion of this movie, say, I were to turn my phone back on while walking back to my car. And the first thing that pops up once the phone fires back up were this ghastly trade offer. There is no doubt about that, 100%, the very first that thought, subsequent to firing up said phone, to hit my brain would be "Oh my GOD! Holy S**t! Patrick Mahomes f**king died. He's dead. He must've died while I was at the movies.... Cause how the F**k else you gonna explain this trade offer?!" Nice offer. Prick.
  8. Jesus. That's the most stacked team - well, at least in theory - I think that, yeah, that I've ever seen. No hyperbole either when I say that. So stacked, in fact, that a certain nameless/faceless someone in a very powerful position apparently felt "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait; now that's TOO stacked", and saw it fit to break up the band. Anti-trust laws and such. Although, what's also now pretty apparent is that this same all-powerful dude, well, maybe he ain't nearly as merciful as billions across the globe claim him to be. Cause this dude didn't just "break up the band", he took a goddamn 50 lb heavy-duty sledgehammer to it. And from the looks of it, I think he may have even gone into a violent, uncontrollable seizure at some point while sledgehammering away at it. Cause he did quite the number on it. Boy did he ever. The job he did, the chaos he created, the sheer and utter abstract mess he made of your masterpiece...he left it in such unrecognizable shambles that'd it make a Picasso seem like a freakin' Rembrandt by comparison. Seriously though. What a dick, this all-powerful guy. Such a hater. A damn shame too, that he had to be that way. Cause what beautiful team you had there.
  9. Good thing I went Mahomes & Kelce at the 1-12 / 2-1 turn Also glad that I felt, draft capital-wise, comfortable enough to snatch Damien Williams with one of my two back to backs when the draft swung back to me at 3-12 / 4-1 What was also really cool was when how, after a 10 carry, very spry looking 81 yard rushing performance from McCoy in week 1, I felt compelled to "lock it in" (lock it in being the Chiefs backfield), compelled enough to swap Phillip Lindsay for him shortly thereafter said 10 carry 81 yard week 1 performance produced by McCoy. And just as cool as everything else above was when, even though I wasn't seeking it, juuuuust about the same time I was putting the finishing touches on the aforementioned Lindsay for McCoy swap, a freaked out Tyreek Hill owner offers me Hill and Tyrell Williams for Cooper Kupp, coming off his nondescript week 1 performance. Mind you, this wasn't just any old Cooper Kupp. The Cooper Kupp in which I'm describing is the same one whom I had specifically targeted and pegged as the wide receiver to own amongst the Rams trio, torn ACL the season prior be damned. But when someone offers you Tyreek Hill after one week of football, with manageable 3 to 6 week diagnosis for a fully recoverable shoulder injury, plus a second guy (Tyrell Williams) who had suddenly just found himself in an advantageous situation, and who, he himself, had just put up 100 yds and a tuddy --- regardless of all the other context and roster make-up, you take it. So I did. So I take a guaranteed "L" in week 12. Big deal, so what? Won't really matter all that much when weeks 1 thru 11 and weeks 13 thru 16 all sport a "W'" besides 'em. So a roster containing Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, LeSean McCoy, and Damien "most regrettably drafted player, on the macro, ever" Williams... And now with Mahomes out for the next few weeks and obviously no backup QB on the roster to speak of, since it's common knowledge that double-bagging it is exponentially more likely to cause a lot more harm than good. And besides, who in their right mind would ever so much as even think of double bagging it when that person is sleeping with the Sophia Bush (she's a damn spitfire; a moon least mine anyway) of quarterbacks.... Imagine trying to navigate around that. Smooth sailing from here on out. No rough waters ahead with all those hands on deck; well minus the captain of course. Nope, none at all. Yup. my life is the T.I.T.S - tits! Tits I tell ya.
  10. I honestly hate him. This whole mess. By virtue of his mere existence, he started it. It can all be traced back back to Williams. Therefore, as such, I blame him. There. How's that for insight?
  11. At the time I posted my poo-pooing of Adam Humphries as a potential add, I hadn’t taken the Tannehill loving to throw to the slot thing into consideration Which, looking back, was reckless of me, I admit. And now that it’s been brought up (the Tannehill slot receiver love), although Humphries hardly being someone anyone should ever get “excite” over probably does deem him worthy of a look. And therefore, I officially stand down from my original position. Still though, plenty of flip side exists as to how this Humphries talk ultimately results in “nothing to see here”. Things like Jarvis Landry was far and away the best receiver those Dolphins teams sported, or at least the most polished and reliable. Maybe Tannehill just felt comfortable with Landry in particular, and the fact that he was most often found in the slot was why Tannehill, well, threw it to slot, as often as he did. But yes, the final verdict is that, at this juncture, perhaps Adam Humphries may be worth a look after all now with Tannehill behind center...maybe..prolly not though. But maybe.
  12. **For the watered down gimpy ankle Mahomes version, I meant to say see week’s 5, 6, and 1+ quarter of week 7. Missed the window to edit before realizing the miscitation. That is all.
  13. Exactly. And know what, my money is on 2 to 4 week diagnosis, Back in 3. And the few week’s rest allows Mahomes otherwise gimpy ankle the rest and recovery time necessary for it to fully heal. And when he returns, just a few short weeks rom now, he immediately plugs back into lineups as the 2019 weeks 1 thru 3 version of Patty Mahomes in all that Irish sonsofbitche’s glory (and all the Chiefs positional players back on board along the ride) And then one day — many, maaany minutes and hours from now, perhaps even days from now - like upwards of dozen & a half, two dozen....we all look back on this and have a nice chuckle Food for thought: without this injury, Mahomes continues to be hobbled by his ankle as a watered down version of himself (see week’s 4, 5, and his 1+ quarter of football in week 6) all the way till his bye in week 12, where he receives all of one week of rest to allow his banged up ankle, now 9 weeks since having initially tweaked it. Ask yourself this: you better off? So...blessing in disguise?? I’m thinking, yeah, could very-well be. Plus I just shook the Magic 8-Ball and it came back with “Outlook Good” No, seriously. I actually did do that and that’s what happened. So that’s good.
  14. Nice. To be honest, I hadn’t even bothered to read what you said that prompted his “he must be a Kittle owner” comment in the first place. I just chimed in blindly and said “Nah, I’m thinking more like an O.J. Howard owner”. So, more or less, my comment was just an indictment on Howard....cause, my God has he sucked. But Hooper on the other hand? After he puts together yet another busy day at the office come this Sunday against Rams, you’ll be happily ditching any/all future references to any form of the word “caution” for any/all future citations speaking towards your optimism on him.