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  1. 2.95 ERA and 1.33 WHIP for the season. one of them two will be adjusted accordingly if not both.
  2. he is good for leagues where you need your DH spot filled with someone who qualified as DH. other than that I mean there is nothing great.
  3. that is why we need stats that are used for stranded base runners. the batters who fail to advance base runners should be penalized with some stat. I know what you mean its like Mike Trout.
  4. 19th greatest OPS and played over 10 seasons and not even 1000 runs or rbi. so put Votto in the hall of fame because he stood on first base so much.
  5. he doesn't even have 1,000 career Runs or RBIs.
  6. sabermetrics is going to make a bunch of players HOFers who are not. Brian Kinney will make a case for anyone. what is better having a great OBP or scoring more runs or hitting more RBIs?
  7. Cano's best season for HRs was in 2016 with the Mariners and also had over 100 runs and 100 RBIs.
  8. Betts and Benintendi are both struggling. this might sound simple or even dumb but switching both of them in the batting order was dumb from the start. should have sold high on him in a keeper league.
  9. he deserves to bat at the end of the order. dumbest thing was to bat him second. the red sox win the world series then mess with their batting order. he will not return his ADP position this season.
  10. Benintendi shouldn't not being batting first. that was a mistake from the start. Chavis should be batting second. Mookie needs to bat first.
  11. could be. after following him the previous two season he ran of gas when it come to sustaining his performance by this time of the season.
  12. his hot streak lasted a lot longer to start this season,.
  13. Cano tested positive and so did A-Rod. Bonds never did. (who cares)
  14. David Ortiz will. because he is a "leader for baseball" they will forget. in fact they never mention it when he is pasted all over TV. Manny Ramirez too. if Ortiz get in the HOF then Bonds should get in with 100% vote and say the MLB send him an apology letter.