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  1. Thanks for the response. I actually activated Gallo today, so Pablo is now on the IL. I'll give it another week, perhaps, to see where he's at. Yandy will be coming off the DL on Thursday, however, and I have Caleb Smith coming back this weekend. Somebody's gotta go. I have been trying to move Kingery for the past week, as well as Riley. I think my backlog of talent is apparent and teams might just be waiting for me to drop some of these guys. Also, I heisted Woodruff for Franmil about a month ago and maybe they don't want to make the rich richer... we'll see. I like Kingery a lot, but everyone says Regression Is Coming. Yandy has such a great floor with promise for more that I'd hate to let him go for nothing also. Would Kingery for Dakota Hudson be an overpay? Yandy, even? I need to find that perfect 2-1 package somewhere. I might just have to let Fiers go, along with another pitcher, and give it some time to see who floats to the top.
  2. I didn't think about it being a roto league with an IP limit. That changes things quite a bit. I think you are right to identify high-K, good ratio relievers regardless of saves. You'll want at least a few of them. Gant has probably been a wonderful piece of your team in this format. I think you can disregard most of what I wrote about punting saves. I'd probably look into cutting ERod, honestly. You'll need to be judicial with your starts for the rest of the season, and he seems too erratic. I'd prefer to patiently play the good matchups available to you on the wire than rely on him at this point.
  3. Sorry, I edited it. Got confused for a second and thought I'd been posting in the Gonsolin thread.
  4. They're top-ten in walks vs RHP over the past couple weeks– and top-ten in walks vs RHP at home over the past month– with right around 9%. Over the past two weeks at home, that number is closer to 11%. Meanwhile their K% has hovered around 19% over the past few weeks and 22% over the past month. And for whatever it's worth, they've seen the 8th most pitches over the past month. I couldn't figure out how to show that stat isolated against RHP, but it works out to an average of about 3.8 per plate attempt. With a very slim chance at a QS and some possible rust, I'm watching Stripling on my bench tonight.
  5. [...] A very quick assessment of his stats will tell you that he benefits you nowhere. Why carry a player who is going to hurt you more than he helps you? I've been catcherless ever since, though I've kept my eye on some guys (a few mentioned in the post above this one).
  6. Yeah, or at least shop around for a more dependable 3B/SP combo. Escobar is great but streaky and Soroka might be limited by innings and regression.
  7. Speaking of roster crunches...
  8. Not trying to sound preachy, it's just.... I think saves are a dumb stat and I think playing the crazy game of keeping up with closers isn't worth it. I can completely get behind SV+HLD leagues, but I'm not going to subject myself or my roster to chasing saves. I played a closer-heavy team last week and beat them 7-2. They smoked me in saves, though, 6-0. Yeehaw. The answer to your roster crunch questions seems easy to me.
  9. As for who you should drop... Iunno. Haven't even followed closer battles this year (another benefit of punting). I'd probably hang onto Gant, but the rest of them I'd analyze and the guys with the shakiest hold on the job, or the guys who've pitched the least amount of innings per week or snared the least amount of saves over the most recent time period I'd cut loose. Gant might have some real value right now, too, if you wanted to try to cash in on it. Plesac is a young pitcher who's pitched great so far and gone deep in games. Allen is another guy with a similar profile who just took down the Brewers in his first start. Both have halfway decent pedigree. I'd much rather have a stable of guys like that on my roster than a handful of hopes and prayers at reliever.
  10. I've had much more success truly punting outright than carrying multiple mediocre guys without hopes of competing. Probably depends on league format, but in my H2H I don't even bother rostering a RP unless something magical falls into my lap... and then I'd just look to trade. A few years back Fernando Rodney was an exception to the rule, and he actually won me some weeks by himself. Last year I grabbed Hader late in the draft for strikeouts and once or twice his rare save took the category, but he was my only reliever the entire year and I still lost the category most weeks. I just can't see the value in sitting on six guys hoping one or two of them plays for a team that even gets itself into a save situation during the week, much less that they go to my guy for the save and he comes through instead of blowing up. That's six spots you could be using speculating on guys or streaming/stashing pitchers. Wheeler and Marquez helped me win my league last year, and both of them started out as free streamers about halfway through the season. What you forgo on saves, you can easily make up for in W/QS and K through sheer volume if necessary. In the best case scenario, your pitching staff will evolve until you've either got the depth to play great matchups or the talent to not worry about them.
  11. Is this a SV+HLD league? Because if not, that's.... not punting saves.
  12. Some other guys worth mentioning if you need some bats might be Galvis' teammate, Sogard, and JP Crawford.
  13. Good suggestion. I grabbed him with one of my last moves at the end of last week due to the hype/Orioles. Hoping he helps chip away at my opponent's two-start week from Cole. Baltimore has been terrible against lefties and lefties at home for the past month, with an OPS below .700 and a wOBA below .300. Over the past two weeks, they've essentially compiled a four percent walk rate against a 25 percent K rate against lefties at home with an ISO of just .08. During that span, they've hit the sixteenth-most groundballs (one of Allen's strengths) and have the fourth-worst hard-hit rate. If you remove the lefty splits, those numbers jump to sixth-most and worst overall, respectively. About as good of a matchup as you can ask for, really.
  14. I'd love to be able to predict these Freddy Galvis outbursts.