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  1. We had someone ghost at the 6/1 deadline so we're one short if anyone is interested
  2. In an attempt to get myself as excited for fantasy football as I was when I first discovered it, I've come up with a new challenge meant to test a player's complete football knowledge and perhaps even mental endurance. I'm calling it the Fantasy Football Ironman Competition! Here's the basics: 12 people participate in 12 leagues. 3 long-term leagues and 9 leagues randomly selected from a pool of league types (ex: Traditional, Superflex, DFS, BestBall, IDP, Vampire, etc.) Large roster formats are email drafts, while smaller rosters will be done as live drafts split over two non-consecutive days. Leagues are played across a variety of websites to accommodate necessary rules and minimize fees. Each league places players 1 - 12, whether through playoff brackets or standings, and players are awarded points for placement. Like golf the lowest score is the overall winner (12 x 1st place = 12 points) and the highest score is last place (12 x 12th = 144 points). There is no buy-in (and therefore no prize pool); however, I'm asking participants to contribute to the MFL fee and pay ahead for year 2 (in hopes of encouraging players to not abandon teams) - $10 total If we don't reach 12 people interested this will be fully refunded and I'll take the hit for the unused MFL league. We currently have 3 people who are definitely interested, and 6 more who have expressed interest in joining - so we're looking for 3+ people (obviously will take the first ones to fully join) If anyone is interested (and feel free to pass it onto friends!) let me know. Happy to answer all questions here, messaged, emailed to, or Twitter @FFIronman - to (hopefully) help reassure people that this isn't a scam my personal Twitter is @DaveFiorella so you can check me out, but would prefer questions related to the FFIC sent to the email/Twitter listed so it's easier for me to find lol