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  1. Does your opinion change knowing he offered me Benintendi for Olson and Diaz? I was probably going to accept that but he completed a different trade with Benintendi before I pulled the trigger.
  2. My roster is: C - Ramos 1B - Olson 2B - Ramirez (3B) 3B - Vlad Jr SS - Lindor IF - J. Turner (3B) LF - Soto CF - Robles (RF) RF - Castellanos OF - McNeil (2B/3B/LF/RF) UTIL - Tatis (SS), Hiura (2B) SP - Kershaw, Giolito RP - Diaz, Hader P - Iglesias (RP), Melancon (RP), Hendricks (SP), E. Rodriguez (SP) BN - Teheran (SP), Samardzija (SP) IL - Price (SP), Carrasco (SP), Hicks (CF) NA - M. Keller (SP)
  3. 12-team redraft H2H-points league Is Giolito, Diaz and Olson too much to give up for Freeman ROS? Is it enough? Is it even worth it? Freeman is #3 in fantasy points right now. Thanks.
  4. I don't see much of an upgrade for the batters, but you definitely improve your pitching. If you have a good plan for those two spots you opened up then this is probably worth it for you.
  5. I would pick up Aquino between these two. He raked in AAA and looks like he will be the Reds everyday cleanup hitter down the stretch. Tauchman will lose playing time if (big if) the Yankees ever get healthy.
  6. Especially at this point in the season I would use it on both, but obviously Castellanos first. I can't believe someone would drop him after he finally got moved to a team where he has some support.
  7. I think I would stick with Albies. Villar probably won't hit as many homers and plays for a much worse team that will be playing youth down the stretch. He's a better bet to steal you 10 bags but it's not out of the question that Albies could do that.
  8. Hang onto Tatis. Even if he isn't as good as Arenado for the rest of this season (which is not even a sure thing), having him at that keeper value for the next few years is way more worth it.
  9. Like most people here, I'm a big fan of the Soto/Soroka side (especially in a keeper). Which kind of makes me think your opponent won't go for it, but if he does then I definitely like it for you.
  10. I think you have enough pitching to focus on filling that open UTIL slot. Aquino is worth the pickup right now and if he doesn't work out, you can always use the spot for streaming SPs after. Eovaldi probably isn't worth hanging onto.
  11. 12-team redraft H2H-points league A: Kepler (3.3 pts/game) and Lester (6.8) B: Robles (2.2) and Giolito (8.5) Kepler is currently the #18 ranked batter, Robles #98. Giolito is the #22 pitcher, Lester is #70. Which side do you prefer for the rest of the season? Thanks.
  12. I would do Machado for Buehler and leave it at that (especially with a salary cap). But I prefer trade 3 to trade 2 (assuming that is MATT Chapman).
  13. I love McNeil, but I would make this deal. Cleveland is going to get a lot of wins down the stretch and Hand is money.
  14. I hope you didn't sit Sanchez! I'd probably roll all 3 today but maybe bench Paddack at the last second depending on how the earlier games are going.