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  1. I would try Lowe for now, it seems the Rays might try to get him work at 3B to get him in the lineup more. If it's not working out, one of the other guys will probably still be available.
  2. I don't think Perez is any better than most of the options you listed. I would use that spot to stream good match-ups. I also think Pollock should be picked up. Not sure who you should drop, but personally I would drop McCann and roll without a catcher.
  3. Yes, I would. It's hard to imagine a better player being dropped in a league that is 377+ players deep. Not to mention it's past the halfway point in the season. You'll have to use that waiver priority at some point.
  4. 12 team H2H-points redraft H, BB, HBP, 2B = 0.5 SB, 3B = 1 R, HR, RBI = 1.5 K = -0.2 Which side would you rather have rest-of-season? A: Machado and Benintendi B: Jose Ramirez, Tatis and Victor Robles
  5. Another vote for the Riley before Senzel option.
  6. I would use it on Marquez. I owned him for his run last year and it was fantastic. Yes, Coors Field will likely continue to be an issue but the upside is worth it and the strikeouts will be there. I doubt there will be a more worthy waiver claim from here on out.
  7. I fully agree with Ben and the two subsequent posts. Strasburg for deGrom is not necessarily an upgrade at all.
  8. Tough call in such a shallow league, but I think Conforto would be the right call. I might consider just dropping Caleb Smith though.
  9. I know you said you want to keep two catchers, but don't. Catchers often hurt more than they help and I normally run no catchers and leave the catcher spot open. Perez is the obvious drop for me. You have way too many bench hitters as it is.
  10. 16 team H2H keeper (6 keepers, max 4 batters/pitchers) R, HR, RBI, SB, K, AVG, OBP I need to activate Odorizzi for tomorrow. Trying to decide whether the drop should be Scott Kingery or Andrelton Simmons. It is unlikely either would be kept so I'm mostly considering rest-of-season value. I could also consider dropping Buxton. Thanks.
  11. Redraft H2H-points league, 12 teams, 22 player roster H, BB, HBP, 2B = 0.5 SB, 3B = 1 R, HR, RBI = 1.5 K = -0.2 I probably need to drop one of these outfielders when I bring Hendricks off the DL/IL on Tuesday. I view these players very similarly and would preferably hang on to the one with the greater upside rest-of-season. Which one should I drop? Thanks.
  12. Quality over quantity. I would keep Scherzer.
  13. Yes, I would take Hicks over Pederson. He should be much better overall once he gets going.
  14. Don't do it, you should be able to get more for Acuna. And I'm not generally a fan of trading 1 better player for 2 lesser players anyway.
  15. I really like this for you. Story shouldn't be out too long and is essentially equal to Lindor. Cole is a definite upgrade on Bumgarner. And I'd rather have the open spot than Hendriks.