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  1. yes. still available. sent you an invite.
  2. sloppy_meateater; 10+ years running. 18 team H2H ONE WIN free KEEPER LEAGUE. Very competitive. No owner has won more than 3 times. Team in need of a manager Settings
  3. Dutchoven; Over ten years running 18 team H2H one win keeper league (Yahoo). The team in need of a new owner is:
  4. OK. I have a new last place team in need of a new manager. Same league (18 teams H2H one win); different team (25 players). Very competitive league. Will be playing for next season. settings:
  5. I need a manager to take over a last place team in an 18 team field. H2H (one win) with 25 players. It's a good team. Just needs a good manager. settings: