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  1. why do teams do this? bench the hottest hitter of the week? its not like the kid was in a slump.. smh
  2. does shaw have nudes on someone in the front office or something? another day passes with no hiura callup. makes no damn sense
  3. absolute ridiculous this kid still isn't up yet.
  4. jeez just call the kid up already. brewers just throwing away wins at this point
  5. what the s---??? hiura got sent down for shaw? they didnt have anyone else to like option or anything?
  6. is this dude this bad or is this a cold streak? hes barely worth rostering at this point
  7. oh great. hes now gonna steal 10 more starts going 0-4 cause the manager thinks he can do this. sigh rip cron
  8. lmao what the f--- is this. he got a couple of hits yesterday night which is more than what christian "0-4" walker has done. why is he sitting again?
  9. is this guy worth owning? dudes 2 years removed from 21hr 90 rbi year.