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  1. ouch.. I have kept an eye on him.. Not sure if its worth it.. got roughed up in both minor league starts..
  2. Also, getting away from Minter... Is Leclerc officially done as closer in Texas? meaning he wont be given the chance again this year based off what people are reading. Woodward keeps saying he intends to go back to him.. but as the days tick away.. its becoming less and less likely.
  3. How are people feeling about Minter being given another shot to close with the Braves? I would imagine they would prefer to keep their options internal and not give up assets for a closer (altho who knows).. Minter was decent (not spectacular) in his recent demotion and has since pitched twice since being recalled. Very tough to read many closer situations at the moment.. ATL is no different.. what do people think?
  4. Cant believe no one is talking about Jurado yet... He put up another solid performance over the Boston Red Sox.. albeit a struggling Boston Red Sox.. but the name alone is enough to place fear into pitchers.. never mind the fact it was at Fenway. I am starting to think we may have a pitcher of value here in Jurado. Would love peoples thoughts given we have a handful of starts to assess at this point.
  5. Not much talk on this guy. Has done fairly well in his first two starts vs the Cubbies. One home and one away. Next up he has the Padres @ Coors. What are peoples opinions on this guy moving forward?
  6. Love this post... Even if it was a bit hard to read. lol. thanks so much for the input.
  7. I would love to hear more on why you think he will be fine vs the Red Sox.. if you want to elaborate? or is this merely a gut feeling?
  8. Your not wrong. The BA against is ridiculously high to sustain such value... although we can not dismiss that he has found something and turned it around the last few starts and that moving forward that BA against will continue to move down to respectability.
  9. Yeah. I mean, i dont disagree with the poster who is encouraging to make a move now. Unfortunately, my league has a max number of moves per season. I have to be careful with them.. it is not just a matter of picking up and dropping with no potential roster issues down the road. I am looking at both Sampson and Jurado.. i wanna add both.. will probably hold on Sampson though and see how he does v Boston. If he is still available, i will pounce. If not.. my loss.
  10. not a lot of talk about Jurado.. Sampson seems to be getting some talk.. and a valid point was made. The whole Tex Ranger staff is pitching well.. how much of this is a byproduct of their pitching coach? has anyone picked up Jurado or Sampson yet? if not, what are you waiting for specifically?
  11. You are not wrong. I find it interesting bums like Minor and Lynn have had successful seasons so far. Then you look at both Sampson and Jurado who have both been solid as of late.. and you may be right.. you may begin to question how much of this is on their pitching coach. I guess the question is.. is Sampson and Jurado both worthy of a waiver pick up? both are sitting on my WW.. understandably so.
  12. seeming that way, unfortunately.. i mean, atleast based on the twitter link provided by another poster earlier.
  13. only if he ends up taking over the closer role
  14. Have him stashed. Not sure how i feel about this... am curious how long Boone intends on doing that..