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  1. Yet but other than that - Well OK even then he still looked like crap.
  2. When will I learn? ALWAYS draft NE people (including D), even if they are not projected to do well. They will rise up like that little girl in the exorcist and spit pea soup at you if you don't.
  3. Yes so unlike them And all I needed was for White to suck. Who's the leading "receiver" for NE? Guess
  4. Thinking about? What's to think about? I can't wait to drop him. Let someone else pick up that "value" and maybe actually start him thinking he'll finally break out and be the guy everyone expected in August. Probably best thing I could do for my team as it would screw another team over.
  5. You're right, the uppermost thing in a team's mind should be "this game is already over...but there are fantasy owners out there who need points, let's go team!" lol
  6. I give up, who is overrating him? Even in Aug he wasn't considered more than a middling QB pick at most.
  7. Correction, he must have thought that was Gallup lol
  8. Hardly "big time" but it helps. Hopefully not done for the night...
  9. Going to probably lose because Gallup gets one MFing point. All hail the joy of fantasy football.
  10. Wow really, I wouldn't choose Booger over Theismann. And never got the Buck hate, not that I'm a big fan