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  1. Yep and not making near what you'd expect right now either. Hear that Gordon?
  2. IIRC he was injury prone in college. No thanks.
  3. To me defenses are a lot like kickers, don't waste extra $ on one, too unpredictable. We're required to draft at least 1 and I try to get one ranked top 5ish but if there are late-round WRs and RBs I'm interested in, I'll wait. I often will look less at the players and more their schedule, esp the division. Needless to say I have targeted NE often.
  4. I think that about sums it up. Sort of James White Lite.
  5. I would have thought cost would increase, not decrease. Wow
  6. ugh I don't plan on more than $2-4 each but then again I'm in a 10 teamer.
  7. Define "feature back." I think he is the likely starter but may have Sanders breathing down his neck. And the ball will be spread around a LOT regardless.
  8. Yeah, then he has even more value. And what if Eifert.........wait nm lol
  9. Buying into him doing worse (perhaps much worse) than last year despite having almost the same OL (and overall offense) as last year. I thought that was incredibly obvious. My bad!
  10. I hope Mixon sinks in the rankings and my co-owners are buying into it.
  11. Where are you getting this? Every indication I've heard is he's in great shape. That I can't speak to but I don't recall the Jet's OL being terrible. Anyone have more info? Incorrect. Gase and Bell have talked and by all accounts are "fine." I don't see any NFL MVP here or Jets in the playoffs. And I don't buy into Gase at all. But they have what appears to be a legit rising QB in Darnold who did pretty good with basically zero at the skill positions. You know they're going to feature Bell. I think he should have a good year.
  12. So.........they both kinda suck? I guess that's why they're backups.
  13. Hell no. People forget that great backs generally do well even on sucky teams (Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, oh btw some guy named Barkley and so on and so on). I prefer another RB as my top RB but if I have to settle for him I'll get over it.
  14. No worries. As for the FA class, which, this year or last? I'd have to go back and remind myself about all the specifics, but for 2 yrs running I didn't get why a team like them with some key positions in place (above all stud QB obviously) and so very much cap money did so little. I esp was baffled by people praising Ballard for mostly sitting on a huge pile of money and NOT doing more to improve the team. Again not saying spend every penny for every big name FA but damn...about the only "big" signing in 2 yrs I believe is Houston. Funchess will probably be a minor player at most and Ware little more than backup fodder. Hell they could have signed someone like Brown or better yet Bell and STILL been in good cap shape. Can you imagine their O with either of those guys added? d'oh! IIRC the Jets were similar, a ton of money and seemed to lay back more or less, but at least they did go out and land Bell. Still all that being said, Luck's O looks promising and if (if!) he stays healthy, has as much promise as anyone for a big year. Top QB prospect this year. Mahomes is looking at a big regression and potentially a very inferior set of weapons, Watson still has a leaky OL and a poor run game....yeah Luck is easily QB1 IMO