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  1. Exactly. Almost nobody is on my DND list (ie of those considered draftable) but a lot will go higher than I will ever pay. But I will not draft a Dolphin next year guaranteed. Just like I felt this past year. It's almost impressive how inept an organization can be year after year for so long!
  2. ? His injury probably ended his college career, but not his NFL future. A dislocated hip isn't a death sentence... But yeah, starting Finley = tanking the season. I guess they could play the "we want to see what we have in this guy" but does anyone think they would not draft the top QB next year even if he did well? You would just think they'd have enough pride to try and win at least one game. IMO 1-15 is worlds better than 0-16. Back to Boyd: totally unstartable and borderline droppable. Too bad.
  3. Because NE has a great D and so-so offense. I don't get Mahomes either. I know losing Hill is huge, and only a fool expected another year even close to last year. But most rightfully still expected a very good year. Unfortunately their OL isn't so hot and their RBs are a joke, and no legit WR2. Still that doesn't excuse a lot of the poor passes Mahomes has been making. This is not a SB team.
  4. Someone in our league had Mahomes. If he had passed for even 240 yds he wins. So glad I'm not him.
  5. I hope KC loses now. I hate that playing not to lose crap
  6. omfg. If they hand off to Williams for a 2-3 yd gain one more time I'll scream. HE SUCKS THROW THE BALL DOWNFIELD!
  7. Emmit Smith probably doesn't think he's the sharpest bulb in the shed lol
  8. Makes me glad I got my a** kicked this week and could relax tonight lol
  9. Yeah that's it run your hack RBs some more KC lol wtf with Williams every play now?
  10. I can't believe how much KC is running the ball w/these hacks
  11. Nah then you'd just have someone who's out all the time lol
  12. It's so boringly predictable. They meet in the playoffs. People all going "ooooh remember how Ravens beat them up before, bye-bye NE!" and NE promptly hands them their head. The NFL sucks.
  13. And just like that they let the Chargers back in it - once again the AFC not named NE is a joke
  14. You mean the pic you posted? I agree Hey I own Hill, Barkley and already cut Ross and Dissly I'm entitled lol
  15. He didn't say he loved a guy getting injured and wow I am so tired of that high and mighty card being played. I hope my all opponent's stud players get hurt next week. There you go, another excuse for another I'm-better-than-you finger pointing. My gift to you, enjoy!
  16. Can you HOF talk people get a room, we're trying to discuss an exciting game here
  17. This just deserves a bump, most entertaining thing of this game all night lol