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  1. I guess I’m not as big of a fantasy nerd as you are. I don’t do td projections. I play in full point ppr so Chubbs value decreases a ton. But my top tier is. Bark, Zeke CMC Kamara. Next is Dj and Gordon. I just believe the addition of Beckham makes this a top 5 offense
  2. He had 10 total tds and 996 yards only started 9 games last season. With the better overall O numbers should go up. I do tiers I have him in the 3rd tier with Bell, mixon Connor Williams Cook
  3. Honestly the only guys I see fantasy relevant is Edelman and Gordon if he plays
  4. Agree with everything you said. I don’t understand the Landry hate. Odb will help everyone else’s stats. Beckham 1,400 97 13 Landry 1,100 100 6 Mayfield 4,000 36 Chubb 1,250 14 tds
  5. Cooper went to a team with an upgrade at every position so I don’t see a reason why he wouldn’t do better with an overall better team. AB should be fine I see over 1,000 yards 90 catches and around 9 tds. The running game should be much improved which should help Carr.
  6. I love some Jordan Howard late in drafts this year. Has a great off he is playing for with a great d. All the goal line carries for eagles will take it all day late in ppr. Rb38 in ppr on ffc
  7. Dude it’s a 2qb league so only QBs on waiver are back ups that take over for injuries
  8. I finished the year with Dalton stafford and the Sf back up and still made the playoffs. It was mainly because I drafted AB, Mike Thomas, and had tyrek as my number 3 and had Sanders as my flex. In 2qb you can get stud WRs early. I usually wait on qb and rb. I wait on rb because rbs always get injured and back ups are more likely to produce than back up WRs
  9. It is a 10 team league and I named 3qb jimmy G, staff and dalton. I just feel like the qb position is more based on matchups. I just feel you could grab QBs late this year and still get a ton of value. Guys drafted as top 10 guys last year are now going 10-20 cousins, stafford, wentz, Brady.
  10. Wrong! That means the best position player available will be mike Evans. Good wr1 but you miss out on top Rb options
  11. I’m really thinking about this strategy in a 2QB league. I made the playoffs last year drafting Jimmy G, stafford, and Andy dalton and I took them all after rounds 6-10. This year all 3 of those QBs are ranked outside the top 17
  12. 10 team league so it’s not that bad. Where would you be drafting Kelce? Between 10-15. Ertz kittle 15-20? Howard Henry Engram in third round?
  13. So I am in a 2 te league wonder how that changes the draft? It’s also 2qb so looking to take te early and qb late to avoid the s--- mid tier te. Kelce 1st round pick 10-15 around?