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  1. I could see this O be just as good as Pittsburgh’s was last season. Love the value on Landry. Who are teams going to be more focused on Landry over the middle or Odell running long and open all day
  2. All based on if try stay healthy all year. Gotta get lucky with that. But I think these are easily attainable for each player. I see this as an unstoppable offense. Obj on the outside mayfield on the rise njoku and Landry running crossing routes Chubb in the backfield. I see this team taking over for Pitt as the top offense in the division. Last year Big Ben 5129 and 34 brown 104 1297 15 juju 111 1426 7 connor 973 and 12 in 13 games
  3. I guess I’m not as big of a fantasy nerd as you are. I don’t do td projections. I play in full point ppr so Chubbs value decreases a ton. But my top tier is. Bark, Zeke CMC Kamara. Next is Dj and Gordon. I just believe the addition of Beckham makes this a top 5 offense
  4. He had 10 total tds and 996 yards only started 9 games last season. With the better overall O numbers should go up. I do tiers I have him in the 3rd tier with Bell, mixon Connor Williams Cook
  5. Honestly the only guys I see fantasy relevant is Edelman and Gordon if he plays
  6. Agree with everything you said. I don’t understand the Landry hate. Odb will help everyone else’s stats. Beckham 1,400 97 13 Landry 1,100 100 6 Mayfield 4,000 36 Chubb 1,250 14 tds
  7. Cooper went to a team with an upgrade at every position so I don’t see a reason why he wouldn’t do better with an overall better team. AB should be fine I see over 1,000 yards 90 catches and around 9 tds. The running game should be much improved which should help Carr.
  8. I love some Jordan Howard late in drafts this year. Has a great off he is playing for with a great d. All the goal line carries for eagles will take it all day late in ppr. Rb38 in ppr on ffc
  9. Dude it’s a 2qb league so only QBs on waiver are back ups that take over for injuries
  10. I finished the year with Dalton stafford and the Sf back up and still made the playoffs. It was mainly because I drafted AB, Mike Thomas, and had tyrek as my number 3 and had Sanders as my flex. In 2qb you can get stud WRs early. I usually wait on qb and rb. I wait on rb because rbs always get injured and back ups are more likely to produce than back up WRs
  11. It is a 10 team league and I named 3qb jimmy G, staff and dalton. I just feel like the qb position is more based on matchups. I just feel you could grab QBs late this year and still get a ton of value. Guys drafted as top 10 guys last year are now going 10-20 cousins, stafford, wentz, Brady.
  12. Wrong! That means the best position player available will be mike Evans. Good wr1 but you miss out on top Rb options
  13. I’m really thinking about this strategy in a 2QB league. I made the playoffs last year drafting Jimmy G, stafford, and Andy dalton and I took them all after rounds 6-10. This year all 3 of those QBs are ranked outside the top 17
  14. 10 team league so it’s not that bad. Where would you be drafting Kelce? Between 10-15. Ertz kittle 15-20? Howard Henry Engram in third round?
  15. So I am in a 2 te league wonder how that changes the draft? It’s also 2qb so looking to take te early and qb late to avoid the s--- mid tier te. Kelce 1st round pick 10-15 around?