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  1. If you’re in a deep league and looking ahead to week 6 and need a bye week fill in, give Danny Amendola a look in PPR. Hockenson getting injured means Amendola will get all of the targets in the middle of the field.
  2. Don’t look now but Castellaños is hot. If traded to the right situation he suddenly becomes an attractive fantasy option again.
  3. Owning Hoskins is weird because all of the fantasy articles say to sell while you still can. Meanwhile, there’s only 4 or 5 first basemen that are ranked higher than him and no one who owns those players are going to trade them away. Essentially it is tough to trade Hoskins for a better first basemen unless it is a package deal, and at that point it’s like why bother he’s not that bad.
  4. Is it possible to sell low on Nick Castellanos? I think his trade value is nothing at the moment.
  5. Freddie is deserving as the starter and having a great year. Just sad to think Josh Bell didn’t get the vote after the breakout season he’s having.
  6. Hot right now. Back to back 3 hit games and then a homerun yesterday. Is this fools gold that should be left on waivers or a quality bench bat ?
  7. Picked him up 2 weeks ago to use for one day and haven’t dropped him since haha
  8. 3 more hits tonight, a triple away from the cycle, I’d say he’s playing at a near all-star level right now haha
  9. He’s not fantasy relevant right now or (probably) rest of season.
  10. The sultan of statcast is the next to go if I need bench space
  11. Is he injured or being traded why’s he being sat again ?
  12. Another multi-hit game tonight with a HR. Is there upside here or just a guy who’s hot?