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  1. Serious enough to be placed on IL (right quad strain). Season over?
  2. Varsho has been on fire lately. Will he be moved away from catcher? Carson Kelly is the superior defender by a long shot, but maybe Varsho can replace Avilas? I would love to get a Realmuto type catcher on my dynasty but not sure if Varsho can stick at catcher. Thoughts? At this point, I'm teetering between Beer and Varsho as the better prospect to pick up.
  3. ^Dang, that’s a lot of hype for a guy that’s still batting around .280 with a .420 slug and a .780 ops for the year. The numbers this year pretty much match up with his career numbers of .275 avg/.420 slug/.780 ops. through 400 games 1500 at bats. To say there aren’t many guys outside of the top 20 you’d rather have over Paredes is a stretch IMO. Even with the mention of his inflated post AS numbers, a .479 slug is meh IMO and not worthy of your label of “ absolute stud with the bat”.
  4. No way. You’d be selling Harper at his lowest point. He’s still only 26yrs old, while Goldy is 31yrs old. In a keeper league, this stuff matters!
  5. While the K rate is still high, he is now batting .275 with OBP of .381 and OPS of .859. Not too shabby for a recently turned 19 yr old (5/7/2000 DOB)
  6. 13 team dynasty Received: Trevor Story and Ryu Sent: Eloy Jimenez, Cory Seager, Michael Chavis, and prospect Grayson Rodriguez Production now over greater potential production later
  7. 13 team dynasty I get four 30yrs old+ players in S. Marte, M.Moustakas, D.Price, I.Kennedy. In return, he gets Jared Kelenic (top 8 overall prospect according to Keith Law), D.German, and Marco Gonzales. What do you guys think?
  8. Update: He got cold feet so I ended up also giving him Michael Chavis and Grayson Rodriguez, in addition to Eloy Jimenez and Cory Seager, for Trevor Story and Ryu. Felt like giving him a bit more was the right move based on the feedback here. Deal is now done. Story and Ryu are now in my team. I decided to do the deal because I’m currently in third place (after being in first place for majority of season), so I need players that will help me win now. Thank you for everyone’s feedback. This was one of the more interesting debates on now vs the future. It will be interesting to revisit this trade in a couple of years. In a side note: Unfortunately, as soon as the deal was made, another owner emailed me saying he would have given me David Price, Moosetakas, and Ian Kennedy for just Cory Seager. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Umm, what are you taking about? Oscar Mercado is hitting close to .300 and on his way to a 20hr/20sb season. His OPS is currently .838.
  10. Haha my bad! Out of those three, Flaherty is head and shoulders above.
  11. Garcia is listed at 5’9. How many modern pitchers have been successful at that slight stature? Pedro? Lincecum? They’re both two inches taller at 5’11!
  12. ^ not sure what the above guy Rush2112 is thinking but I would be fist-pumping that deal. Arenado and Voit are the same age! You would keep Arenado all day and never even think twice about keeping Voit. Additionally, Thor trumps Morton and Smith in dynasty format, too. It’s highway robbery on hitting and pitching. In my best Arnold voice “Do et! Do et now! What agh you waiting for?” Can you help with mine?
  13. I always prefer proven power hitters over pitching prospects. There’s too much injury risk for pitching prospects. Even highly touted prospects like Whitley and Sheffield can stumble. Plus, perhaps Grayson Rodriguez or Shane Howard are available for a much cheaper price? There are so many great pitching prospects out there but not as many .275+30hr guys available. Voit by a wide margin in my opinion; Still only 28yrs old. Can you chime in on mine? Thanks.
  14. I would love to have Laureano. Everyday is moving towards continued improvement. He’s really been on fire lately. .349 his last 30 games, .434 his last 15 games, and .500 his last 7 games with an absurd 1.036 slugging! Can you chime in on mine? Thanks.
  15. I would dangle your prospect D.Garcia to upgrade on a hitter while the hype is at it’s pinnacle to a Yankee fan or someone out of contention this year. At his slight 5’9 stature, I just don’t see long term success. When was the last time you saw a dominant modern pitcher at 5’9? Pedro? He is 2 inches taller than Garcia at 5’11! Can you please chime in with mine?