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  1. Survivor Best Ball Pool Info & By-laws Welcome Potential Owners to the SURVIVOR BEST BALL POOL! A new style of league with a simple, challenging, and unique format that plays as follows: BASIC OVERVIEW FOR PROSPECTIVE OWNERS: 10 teams, $100, 18 round draft. 8 starting slots = 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 2FLEX. No D or Kicker. No free agent adds, waivers, or trades all season. Rosters are cut down by one spot each of the first 8 weeks, leaving you with 10 players from wk 9 on. No traditional setting of lineups, you score your best possible score based on position settings using entire roster. (manually adjusted with LM powers) Top Half Cut Line format - Top half of weekly scores Win, Bottom half of weekly scores Lose. (manually adjusted with LM powers) FULL LEAGUE INFO & BY-LAWS: 10 TEAMS / $100 through LeagueSafe.com THIS LEAGUE IS NEAR FULL WITH MOST JOINED OWNERS PAID. UNPAID TEAMS WILL BE VACATED ON THURSDAY. Any new joining owners will be removed after a couple hours without payment in our LeagueSafe pool. TO RECEIVE AN INVITE LINK ON THURSDAY TO FILL ANY VACATED SPOTS, POST REPLY WITH EMAIL ADDRESS or email seattlefantasycommish@yahoo.com PAYOUTS: (1st 500)(2nd 300)(3rd 200) SCHEDULE: regular season wk 1-13, playoffs for top 6 teams wk 14-16 (#1-2 get first round bye). Playoff seeding tiebreaker 1.total season points 2.week 13 points. SCORING: basic fractional PPR (6 pt TD pass & .05 pts/yd passing) SURVIVOR ROSTERS: 18 draft picks. Cut one player every week until down to 10 players beginning of week 9. If an owner forgets to cut a player, the player owned in the smallest % of espn leagues will be removed by LM. BEST BALL SCORING: No setting lineup. You get best possible score based on positional requirements and players on roster. (manually adjusted by LM) TOP HALF CUT LINE SCORING: Top half of weekly scores win, bottom half lose. (manually adjusted by LM). Playoffs also use Cut Line format. Regular season tie on Cut Line remains tie. Playoff tie breaker 1.starting QB points 2.starting RB points. DRAFT: Wed 8/28 7pm west (10pm east). 90 second pick timer. DRAFT ORDER: Randomly set by DraftOrderGenerator.com once all teams are paid, not sooner than "no questions asked" refund deadline of 8/26. System emails to entire league upon creation. THIS LEAGUE IS NEAR FULL WITH NEAR ALL TEAMS PAID. ANY UNPAID TEAMS WILL BE VACATED ON THURSDAY. TRY AND JOIN THROUGH LINK TO CHECK TEAM AVAILIBILITY, ANY OWNED BUT UNPAID TEAMS ARE NAMED AS SUCH. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=82466107&inviteId=ed180656-091e-4750-b1db-ab80b4483344 IF FULL - POST REPLY WITH EMAIL ADDRESS or email seattlefantasycommish@yahoo.com TO RECEIVE INVITE ON THURSDAY FOR ANY VACATED SPOTS.
  2. Still looking for two owners for this unique fantasy football draft contest!
  3. Just looking for one final owner! This IS the league you've been looking for!
  4. Hey Fantasy Football Owners! You are invited to claim the final franchise in the North American Keeper League! This is a great league with some unique settings, and one of three clone leagues spawned from the extensive wait list of my 20+ year old Home League in Seattle. Basic Overview for prospective owners: 14 Teams, $200 on LeagueSafe. Inaugural league Draft Sat 8/31 4:30pm (west). All 13 joined teams are paid, final joining owner will have 12 hrs to pay into LeagueSafe before being removed. ESPN with PPR scoring, with a limited (2)keeper rule. JOIN LEAGUE THROUGH LINK TO SEE FULL LEAGUE INFO ON THE LM NOTE (league home page on full site, league info tab on App). NO OBLIGATION TO STAY, OPT OUT BY LEAVING LEAGUE (team page on full site) OR CHANGE TEAM NAME TO OUT (on App). All league info can be found there including: payouts, rosters, keeper rules, trade rules, draft info, our LeagueSafe link, and our few unique settings. Contact me with reply to this post with any questions that you can't find answer for on the LM Note, after joining. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=64651975&inviteId=34ca3436-3f5a-411c-8698-f75eaac7116a
  5. 1st 1100 2nd 800 3rd 400 4th 300 high single week score 100 100 goes to form orphan team fund, unused $ from fund from year to year goes into 1st place payout. only one team open, 13/14 joined and paid, join to check out all rules including a couple unique settings by viewing LM NOTE with no obligation to stay.
  8. Only one team left open! Get in this great league before it's too late!