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  1. I've had issues from my phone as well. Desktop works smoothly though
  2. Oh I’m doing both, should’ve specified. I just like Hunt as a late season dart throw especially if you lose your high end RB1 in Gurley
  3. I like pairing him with Kareem Hunt, IF Gurley goes out late in the year then maybe, just maybe, Hunt gets a ton of carries and comes on strong
  4. Mahomes has a better fantasy season than last year. Brady finally falls victim to age ala Peyton Manning Dalvin Cook is a top 3 RB Chris Carson is a top 5 RB AJ Green plays >2 games this year
  5. At this point the price on Montgomery is getting to the point where I'm not sure I can draft him. The Freeman scenario is a good one, got him in a league (as a Broncos fan) way too high with hindsight and that decision hurt my squad all year long. I liked Montgomery in that #60ish adp, not #42
  6. @smeeze Didnt scroll up far enough ya beat me to it
  7. On a desktop site, should be a tab labeled “League” then a tab under that labeled “History” click on history. It will then have past champions, high scoring team etc There should be a drop down box that says 2018 season, click on it to select that year and the there is a draft recap tab
  8. The problem with football vs baseball and WAR is how reliant you are on other players for success. Agreed about the RBs, a good RB can still do well on a bad team, but the great ones on even decent teams shine above the rest
  9. I believe that if he holds out the contract is in place next year as it is this year. So if he doesn’t report by week 10 (I think) he’s in the same boat next year that he is now
  10. I don’t know that Hunt vultures enough touches from Chubb to matter for either but Hunt is the perfect back to draft if you plan on holding him to pair with Gurley imo
  11. No argument he misses games and while 10.3 is mathematically correct I think basing projections around potential suspensions is shaky IMO. A suspension of any sort can happen to any player at any time (G. Tate) so personally I would rather discount oft injured players but that’s it when projecting stats
  12. Injury worries I get, but do you expect him to really miss games via suspension?
  13. Where do you guys see him in comparison to say Freeman? Both injury prone so far in the league, I think Fournette is maybe the better talent but Freeman is in the better offense