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  1. I didn't even say what I would do, Acuna, Soto, Lindor probably. I could see Buehler over Lindor possibly though
  2. Trout side easily. He is a top 3 MVP guy EVERY year, and the best player in baseball. Don't give that up for potential. There are MANY cases of guys setting the league on fire out of the gate only to never produce close again
  3. I would try to move Abreu, Albies/La Stella (probably TLS), and Turner/Machado for OF and SP. It really does your team no good to have really valuable players on the bench when they can net you an upgrade at another position, even if a bit of an overpay. Those guys (besides Manny) are on the bench, and you are trotting out Robles and Cooper.
  4. Soto for sure. Minor is due for regression and Soto is much more valuable in future
  5. I just picked Turner out of my head. I think his pre rank will go down. The point was that to just take someone like Trout and use him as "not getting value" for a keeper doesn't make sense. I can explain it better with this: IF most owners kept their top 3 keepers (use 10 team league just for a round number), but someone just wanted the value pick, Trout could turn into: Merrifield, Correa, Hoskins, Khris Davis (those were guys around that Pre Rank)
  6. Even if Blackmon stays with the same pace, not close to Yelich (I have both and would not even think about trading Yelich). Boyd is not a difference maker to make up the difference
  7. No, that isn't the point. Just assume for a minute that Trout is on your team. Hes obviously a 1st round pick. If you don't keep him in the 1st, then someone else can take him before you. So you could end up drafting in the 1st someone like Trea Turner in the 1st instead of keeping Trout.
  8. No Beni hasn't been a Top 50 player this year
  9. I think that is a HUGE overpay. Rosario is the best player overall in that, and Brujan is projected to be way better than Billy or Clint
  10. I'm extremely high on Wander, but I don't see how people can not like this deal? It doesn't mean he has to stand pat once this trade is completed. If this is Ohtani split it makes even more sense. Arenado is the best player in the deal BY far. Rosario has played pretty darn good, but the kicker is a 1ST ROUND PICK. Now I do agree that from the roster above I don't see how Urias and Mize aren't keepers. If the trade is made, I would look at moving Andrus and Chapman to upgrade 2nd
  11. Totally off topic troll. Back to ACTUALLY HELPING someone, Yea Mikolas can be the drop. Canning could be as well, depending what else is out there. But I like Canning more than Mikolas
  12. I don't think Bryant over Suarez makes up the difference between DeGrom and Yates