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  1. I COULD keep both..but it would be at the cost of not keeping James Connor at similar round value...I just assumed Connor was the lock of the 3, and I needed to decide between Chubb and Kittle.
  2. sorry, I must have fat fingered the has a 1TE required start in addition to what I mentioned in the original post
  3. Can keep Kittle or Chubb for a 10th rd this year, and 9th next year. Other keeper will be James Connor (9th rd). Picking 3rd, 11th, and 19th for the early rounds (8 team with some draft pick trades). This is ESPN standard scoring (non-PPR, 1QB/2WR/2RB/1FLEX/1DST/1K/5bench) Right now I'm leaning towards Chubb, largely because I have him ranked a tad better than Kittle on my big board. Ideally, I'm hoping to grab whoever I don't keep with my 19th pick (only top 20 players that might be kept are Kamara and Mixon.)
  4. you need stronger WRs, IMO...Hit the waiver wire, hard.
  5. with Kelce only being able to potentially be a flex (no TE slot), I think Gurley is a more worthwhile risk to take, IMO
  6. Godwin....based on the WR keepers, this is a better bet than potentially keeping a QB when you could grab one later on
  7. What are the keeper rules? I think I'd lean towards AB if it was a short term limit, such as 2 years max
  8. Agree with this format, actually have something similar in one of my leagues and it works out well
  9. You're likely going to need to be active on the waiver wire to build a stronger WR group