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  1. Hands off Mets, he belongs to Cleveland in a Bauer deal.
  2. You can get a bigger haul for that. Try aiming for a top prospect like Wander Franco, Luis Robert, MacKenzie Gore etc. and a couple of MLB youngsters like Bieber/Soto or Moncada/Castillo. The Moncada part is fine, but I think you have to get a top of line established young arm and a better prospect than Cease somewhere in this deal though. If you are in a rebuild and must deal your best player, especially someone like Arenado, you gotta be certain the juice is worth the squeeze.
  3. I believe it was a little bit of everything, excluding the PED stuff because I don't think that is a legit possibility. The good news is that he is finally showing signs of his old self and has adjusted nicely to how teams are playing against him at least during this most recent stretch. I think he will be fine in the end. Not a 1st round caliber player but definitely a top 30 guy in my eyes. The talent is just too great to give up on him.
  4. 457 ft 113 mph Heck of an at bat for number 1 Mr. Bradley
  5. Prime Votto also knew when to be aggressive and utilize his power. This guy needs to be a tad more aggressive in his ABs in order to tap into that raw power he has. At this point with the approach he has, he"s looking more like Matt Carpenter or Justin Smoak.
  6. Wasn’t comparing the swings. I was comparing the stance differences. Geez read...
  7. 1. Adley 2. Luciano 3. Rodriguez 4. Dominguez 5. Witt
  8. its better than urquidy, but not by a ton. Still a streaming option at best until he proves otherwise with more consistency.
  9. Love the power potential and the fact that he takes a ton of walks. He might be too patient however which can zap his power and lead to a higher k rate. Definitely one of the top corner infield prospects in the game though.
  10. If they wait to trade Bauer till the offseason they are strictly looking to compete this year. If they deal him at the deadline they can get a better return that helps them at least stay in contention this year and in future years. Its that simple. As for Plesac, I think he will be just ok in the 2nd half. He will have bad starts and good starts. Good enough for a #4/5 starter in the rotation and thats fine. The rotation is never gonna be as good as it was last year, at least for awhile.
  11. You missed Plesac. He's better than Plutko. As was stated earlier I think you are underestimating Clevinger and Bieber. Both of those guys are the future anchors of the staff. Kluber and Salazar should be back. Carrasco is the only one I'd be worried about making a comeback. What if they trade Bauer and get someone like Deivi Garcia or Whitley? I think the future of the rotation looks very good for Cleveland no matter what happens.
  12. I agree that Edwards should be ranked lower as he has the same skillset that Madrigal possesses (he's much younger though). I'm not arguing that Madrigal is a bad player, I actually think he's going to a really good player and could be a future batting champ. My argument is that even though Adams might not pan out, he is still a better pick for fantasy than Madrigal based on the potential alone. Sure, a ton of these guys miss and never see the majors, but on the other hand you don't want to miss out on prime Carlos Gomez/Matt Kemp tools. You gotta play risky sometimes in fantasy or you lose.
  13. Jordyn Adams is 19 and has plenty of time to figure things out. The tools he possesses are undeniably much more intriguing than what Madrigal has to offer in fantasy.
  14. If Kluber is healthy I think he would get the nod. Bieber would also be an option.