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  1. 12 team H2H 5x5 I need to keep 5 of these players. This is a really tough decision as I have a lot of guys who are worthy of being keepers. I'd like to keep "Not Justin" so I at least have one ace, but there are so many good bats on this team it might not happen. Josh Bell Juan Soto Gleyber Torres Manny Machado Mookie Betts Fernando Tatis Jr. Adalberto Mondesi Aaron Judge Trea Turner Yordan Alvarez Shane Bieber
  2. You can't expect him to have Cy Young caliber command as a 19 year old. You shouldn't be focused on him missing spots at this stage. Almost every pitcher has those issues early in their careers. What you should be focused on is the repertoire and if it has the potential be something special. As of right now I'm very impressed with what I have seen. Command and control will come later down the road.
  3. Mike Freeman will get the first crack at the hot corner. He's actually been playing pretty well of late
  4. I am thinking about switching my league over to a different site next year. Was thinking about CBS. Is the paid version worth it? How customizable is it? Is the player pool deep?
  5. screw pitchers. at this point give me the guy who can go 30/30 with a decent avg and counting stats.
  6. He has a .448 career avg at yankee stadium with 6 home runs and 5 doubles. Should be a fun weekend.
  7. was up to 2nd in the order last night. Went 0-4, but no strikeouts and a couple of his fly outs almost left the yard. I'm intrigued.
  8. Wellllll..... lets be honest, the orioles are pretty bad.
  9. It's a god, it's a cheat code, no it's Aristides Aquino!
  10. I'd love to see that happen, but I think you are dreaming. It really sounds like the Dolans have made their decision already and that decision is he won't be here long term.
  11. yea I think thats possible. unfortunately I think a 1 year deal is the only thing they will be able to pull off.
  12. If they were going to ante up on a player, I would hope it would be Lindor.
  13. First time they have led the Central Division since late April. Puig literally waved the Twins lead in the standings goodbye.
  14. I believe this is the closest guy to Mike Trout we will see for a bit. He continues to amaze with every home run he hits or every base he steals. I can only imagine what it would take to acquire this stud in dynasty leagues.
  15. His stance is bizarre. Its very open and his whole body basically faces the pitcher, then during the wind, he turns everything back towards the plate. Very different from last year.
  16. Best Draft Pick: Josh Bell (190th overall) or Fernando Tatis Jr. (243rd overall) Worst Draft Pick: Victor Robles (75th overall) I expected so much better, or Chris Archer (123rd overall) Best Add: Yordan Alvarez or Mike Soroka Worst Drop: Keston Hiura Best Trade: Matt Carpenter and Freddy Peralta for Xander Bogaerts Worst Trade: None yet...
  17. Spot on observation: The 18-year-old high school senior from Richland, Texas, uses a golf-style grip at the plate, with thumbs positioned up along the bat. The outfielder said the unusual technique helps him with balance and bat control. A team scout said it's a bit unique. USA Today
  18. 8 home runs and 7 steals in 48 games is doable for this version of Jose Ramirez. Honestly he might end up with more than that. He is that hot right now. Its possible he ends the year as an early 2nd round player going into drafts next season or higher depending on how much lighter fluid is dumped on him. Kudos to all the owners who didn't jump ship or bought low.
  19. Tito was off for the game yesterday. Brad Mills was the acting manager so I'm sure he had a lot more stuff on his plate to prepare for in a short amount of time. I'm sure Salazar's velo/performance was towards the bottom of his list.
  20. Good thing for him that Cashner is hot garbage.
  21. announcers said he was touching 92 during rehab but still for him to be throwing only 87-88 he is gonna be in trouble especially if he can't locate.
  22. Salazar topping out at 87 with the fastball... Hopefully he can get that up to at least 91-92