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  1. are you open to changing the payout structure due to leaguevotes? I would like 1200 for 1st 300 for 2nd 150 for 3rd highest regular season score for the season in a single week 150 best overall record weeks 1 thru 13 150 most points for the season 150 not trying to tell you how to run your league just a thought i had. i do believe i shall be available that day. 150 is a lot to risk for only a 900 pay out imo and in my structure even teams 12 thru 14 in ranking week 12 still have a chance to get their money back if they have a team go into god mode 1 lucky weekend.
  2. Week 1 vs the packers I am starting montgomery in a flex spot for ppr leagues and have zero regrets. I would be fine if he was my rb2 but I prefer for him not to be my rb1. IF you were in a league where montgomery was your rb1 make sure to have mike davis as a cuff. Personally I am not worried about cohen because he will have his 3 random games where he does something then crickets the other 13.
  3. I see him going around rounds 8 thru 10 in 10 to 12 team leagues. Here is the thing for people saying zeke matters and he does but in 2017 without zeke their stud Lt also missed 3 games that zeke missed. Also last year the cowboys were missing their stud C who I believe is back and ready to return to form for 2019.
  4. Last night in a draft where i took conner in the 1st I made sure to get samuels in the 9th just for peace of mind to have pitt running game locked up. Imo he has zero stand alone value and he is just a stash incase conner goes down nothing more (which conner could not stay healthy all of last year for the record so samuels prob bench fodder come sept and oct but if conner goes down again he shall be a top 12 rb.
  5. i want 1 that starts by 11pm eastern i have off work tomorrow dm me yahoo or espn only
  6. yahoo or espn is fine leaguesafe payment please i am only in 50 league and I need MORE
  7. i can only do 930pm eastern if you get 11 before then i will be the 12th.
  8. Even in espn leagues that I do (but then again its people I met off rotoworld) in drafts he goes by pick 24. Personally for 2019 I will take damian over dalvin cook every single time. I def take damian over someone like antonio brown or keenan allen.
  9. i will join but how do you keep people from quitting the league if they draft a gabarge team?
  10. i guess it was not meant to be. I am busy this weekend but perhaps mon night one of you can set something up for 8pm mon night. maybe 9pm mon night eastern but no later.