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  1. Lock in Tyler Eifert. He's a great streaming option this week.
  2. Like many, am really disappointed by Diggs' start to the season, or more so the Vikings'/Couins pass game. Rough when invested high draft equity in him. What's probably the best, most realistic kind of WRs/RBs you could look to land to strike a deal for him. Does anyone hold any hope he'll eventually turn things around and teams will shut down Cook better and make Cousins have to pass? WHIR.
  3. Thielen all day. You don't bench your studs man. I expect Cousins to have a nice day and throw for plenty of yards and few TDs v woeful Raiders D.
  4. Presume it's PPR. I'd be leaning James White if so.
  5. I like Miller too. Potential breakout candidate this season.
  6. Philly, Dallas, Seattle are all great streaming plays week one if you miss an elite defence. All playing bad o lines and quarterbacks.
  7. I'd go Hill personally. Know Cook can't stay healthy, but Hill could end up stealing starter's job from Ingram eventually. He's a good pass catcher in PPR too, so could offer some flex play mid season onwards.
  8. Hey all, Have my 10-team PPR draft this weekend here in Tallahassee. I'm picking at the 10-turn. These guys are routinely available: OBJ, Thomas, Kelce, Hill, Juju, Gurley, Conner, Chubb. What two players do you most want to start your draft with in a PPR from that combination and why? Are you going WR-WR given it's PPR?
  9. Chubb, Gurley, Cook, Mixon, for me. Got Mixon and Bell as busts this season in relation their ADPs.
  10. I'd rank them Carson, Jones, Williams. Really starting to warm on Carson and unsure if Packers will free Jones to be the beast he could be. Williams could lose his job by mid-season. I'm worried about him.
  11. Chubb, Conner, Cook for me. I think this time next season we'll be talking about Chubb as a top 10 fantasy pick and wonder why we didn't have him higher this year. I'm not worried about Hunt. Reckon Chubb going be so impressive first nine weeks, will just be scraps for Hunt when he eventually returns or tradebait.
  12. Will be avoiding both, but if had to choose would take Davis.