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  1. I hope you didn’t bench him today 😂
  2. I’m thinking this is going to boost his fantasy value. Indians can rake. And have a better OBP as a team than the Padres do. Hopefully all of Reyes’ solo shots turn into two run Homers now 😅
  3. It seems like this kid gets a counting stat every game.
  4. I unfortunately have had porcello on my 16 team league all year. Every time he pitches I just feel like he’s going to get shelled. He’s given up 4 runs or more in 5 consecutive starts. He pitches against the Yankees this week and there is no way I can throw him out there against then. I finally think it’s time I drop him for a pitcher who’s just performing better. Anibal Sanchez is available. I might just have to go with that 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. If you actually watch Matt Harvey pitch, he leaves every pitch up in the zone. He does not try and locate at all down in the zone. He turned into a thrower rather than a pitcher. It’s a shame
  6. Is this what a 70 grade hit tool looks like? Because I’m diggin that!
  7. I’m hoping he can reach close to 25 steals.
  8. Ehhh Schwarber is 11th in the league in K’s currently. He does strike out a lot. He’s not elite in the BB/K ratio by any means. I’m just going off avg, hr, r, rbi, and SB. I can see them being very similar.
  9. O’Neill reminds me of Schwarber but with O’Neill having a higher ceiling...?
  10. 5 multiple hit games out of the last 6. Is there anything the kid can’t do.
  11. Which is disappointing because he just hit a couple tanks last week off LHP
  12. Nate Lowe’s approach is what’s gonna set him apart. The guy was taking left handed breaking balls left center 6 rows deep and it looks like he’s just flipping his wrist. Not to mention he hit another HR or two to left field as well. Considering most pitches to hitters are outside, the fact that he can go oppo like that is encouraging
  13. I can see him being a 20hr 25sb guy in his prime.
  14. Nate Lowe needs to be picked up in all deep leagues if he hasn’t already.