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  1. I would first shop around to see what Realmuto's value is. You might be able to bring back more in return for him if someone is really in need of those categories. If no bites, I would take the deal to make the run.
  2. Bregman, Buehler, Clevinger, Bogaerts for sure. Then Gallo & Ryu. Should be able to get good assets back for JDM and Sale.
  3. My bad. Yes catcher Will Smith
  4. With the Bauer trade teams still in the playoffs are looking to get a last minute top pitcher. I got offered 4th Rounder & Will Smith FOR 16th & Bauer Bauer has a 9th round keeper value and I already have Walker, Cole as pitching keepers. What you guys think?
  5. Take this deal yesterday. You are getting the two best players in this deal.
  6. I would go Ozzie. I think his skill set makes your team stronger. You have a bunch of power.
  7. My Keeper league 10 teams and you keep the player for 5 years. Offer 1: Judge for Bregman
  8. I think this is a real solid deal. Plus you come out with if not #1 & #2 then #2 & #3 best players in this deal in a year or two. I would do it.
  9. 10 Team, H2H, 4 Year Limit 5 Player Keeper This year we have a mega team that took advantage of some desperate owners and has a juggernaut. My team just didn’t match up well and I also had no young talent. So I sold and got back some pretty good assets. My problem now is I have 6 potent keepers and thinking of flipping one for draft picks or double 2 and get a highly touted prospect like Tatis My Keeper (Round it will cost me next year) Aaron Judge (20) Juan Soto (14) Walker Buehler (21) Gerrit Cole (7) Trevor Bauer (9) Luis Castillo (12) I also got an extra: 2, 4, 5 thought round pick that can be used as well Who do you think is the one I should try to flip for picks? or who are the two I should use go after Tatis? Remember I only have 5 Keeper Spots
  10. He will be a better version of Gary...But hitting for AVG...He is a pure hitter.
  11. Think I should pick him up and keeper him or just wait and draft him next season? is he cant miss?
  12. I think I am going to drop him now. I am in a keeper and he will cost me a 10th round next year...Thats too much.
  13. Even though he is having a good season, he still doesnt feel like MVP KB
  14. I am shocked he is hitting over .225...[...]