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  1. I admittedly haven't read through this whole thread (sorry!) lol so this may be repetitive... ...but i think it's actually more about information than anything else. When many of us started playing fantasy sports whether it was in the late 90s or early 00's, the great separator was information and the access to it. More aptly put, even: it was not only the access to valuable information but analysis of said information as well and in many cases, that's what separated the good players from everybody else. Unfortunately, fantasy sports became wildly popular (thanks, The League!) and soon all mainstream media outlets were running segments on just fantasy analysis... injury reports, nxt gen matchup stats, depth chart analysis, scouting reports. The casual now had access to all the same information... .and worse, cookie cutter (but not entirely inaccurate) advice on who to draft, who to target on the wire and who to cut. Sadly, this then led to specialized communities and fantasy experts whose "cutting edge" information became premium and, well, we all know how that's gone. Even casuals - and perhaps them specifically - began simply seeing those subscription fees as a minor investment to gain an advantage and now even the most discerning and in depth analysis became publicly available and pretty much EVERYWHERE. Whatever edge we lifers had was slowly evaporating. Itreally just became about your specific ability to discern value and to recognize and assess trends. And even then, waiver wires were getting pilfered. And then of course there's just the pure intrinsic nature of fantasy games finding a thousand new ways to make your life miserable on their own lollllll The most obvious effect of this is that parity is now a real thing. I regularly lose to scrubs all the time. There's just no way around it, to be honest. I can't believe I'm saying this but after decades of doing fantasy sports, I think I'm hanging up my redraft skates after this year and playing just the DFS game. I just don't know if there's any other way to still enjoy this game without feeling it's a damn roulette. May the Force be with you. EDIT: now i see it lol ok whatever, i said my piece anyway
  2. it comes down to bench size tbh. if you're in a league with a roster size of ten with a short bench of four, you have to consider how much it'll impact you to run only nine bodies on out there on rotation. if you have major horses, perhaps you can hold for 25 games... but this is a nutcracker of an early Christmas present. ugh.
  3. i've been holding this dude in THREE leagues. one can only hope he's the ghostbuster darnold has been needinggggg
  4. yeah and i literally just now saw the report that Nance is getting an uber-green light to fire away from beyond the arc making him even more valuable lol i just feel that with MitchRob's BLK/FG% upside and having already been impatiently sent to the wire this early, i should pounce on the opportunity of turning the value; maybe pivot from dropping Nance to dropping WCJ instead? obviously Chicago is just as much a question as New York is in terms of what coach will be putting on the floor but at least CHI doesn't really have any bigs to challenge WCJ. i just don't have any obvious discards in my lineup 🤬
  5. fortunately for me, someone just dropped him and i'm about to swoop him for larry nance essentially getting M Rob at 7th round value (9th for my league - 14 team but 10 man rosters); figure M rob's double double ceiling is far higher than Nance's (though he finished the year fairly strong)... and frankly, while i get the M Rob hate is specifically for using an early round pick on him, i can't imagine him hurting your squad as your third or fourth center.
  6. come on, y'all TE is the same tragically thin wasteland it's always been. beyond the elite tier and the relatively reliable second tier, nobody can be faulted for a dearth of steady targets. Hockenson certainly can be in the target-healthy second tier with the likes of Greg Olsen and Mark Andrews... but isn't really that far behind with the likes of Will Dissly and the ghosts of Vernon Davis and Jason Witten. he's TD dependent... just like most other TE's in existence lol
  7. not so crazy when you look at what he's done over the past month. granted, i'm only looking at one yahoo league in particular in saying this so i realize the stat cat combination is specific... but the only two "2B"s coming in hotter than him over the past 30 days don't even really play 2B; yuli gurriel and danny santana (plays there only about a quarter of the time). the kid slashed .355/.429/.699 in july with six homers, 18 rbi, six steals, 10 doubles and a pair of triples to boot... so while i don't know if it makes him the "best" fantasy 2bagger in the game, he's damn close to being the best right now.
  8. honestly with hamels coming off the DL this weekend and more top of the rotation arms returning in august and early september, i can't imagine this guy deserves much more leash. the only thing going for him is that yankee lineup that gives his W's a value boost because it can sustain through his struggles but frankly, every other cat is getting shelled. and hell, like we've seen with paxton and cc, that lineup still can't save your fantasy value this year. sayonara bro
  9. he already has the 2B elig on yahoo. it's that 1B elig that's hangin in the balance; two more appearances there (or five more starts... of which he has none so far) and he's got it.
  10. is it time to cut him loose? i admit i've let my A's fandom get in the way of my head for the past justifiably cut-worthy month but, frankly, we're in that stretch of the year where young studs are getting called up and roster space is becoming too premium to hold on to a 40-dinger dude who's slashed .141/.236/.154 over the past month with ZERO taters and nine measly ribbies. he was shreddin' at the dish when he bruised his hip mid may and it's really obvious he's never really come back from it. the problem is... khrush is notorious for hittin em in bunches. what if he goes and hits a dozen in august lol he's certainly had a few of those types of months over the past few seasons so smart money may be the correction is around the corner. dropping him for an unproven albeit exciting bat [...] feels sketch
  11. long time lurker, finally did the thing... ...and it quite honestly took this injury to pull me out of the shadows. i thought i was so smart when i started the season with hicks and scooter in my 2 DL slots on a pitching heavy 12-team redraft... that is, before proceeding to limp through kluber, cutch, glasnow, taillon, willie calhoun, eloy twice, t. anderson, lowe, woodruff and now snell. snell was having an inconsistent year to be sure but he had been rounding into form (albeit not last year's) in july so this feels like a veritable gut punch. ugh. can i just set my team on fire, already? pretty sure it's already burning.